Writing a Research Paper on Dieting – Tips and Tricks


Dieting is a regulated process of eating based on the control of the diet. Dieting can be aimed at the decrease or increase of the body weight. However, many people practice dieting to maintain their body weight.

The problem of dieting is very broad. One can speak about healthy lifestyle, useful and harmful products, etc. If you have decided to prepare a great research paper on dieting, you have a good chance to learn how to do it correctly.

Phase One: Plan Your Dieting Research Paper

  • Step #1: Study the Current Research Results. The most vital thing is to complete an authentic and uncommon research paper. Some topics have been analyzed dozens of times. The issue on dieting is very popular. In fact, many scientists present completely different points of view about it. You can share your opinion about dieting in your original paper. Create your own concept or new model of dieting that can be more effective than the existing ones. In brief, you ought to imagine something new to impress the reader.
  • Step #2: Make an Outline. You will hardly succeed in research paper writing if you do not plan your assignment professionally. Think about the sections, subcategories and problems that will be discussed in your paper. If you manage to make a detailed outline, you will prepare a high-quality paper in the end. It is smart to plan every step and every paragraph of your research. It will be easier to design the most logical and well-organized research.

Hint: Analyze dieting from different sides. You can look at this problem from the field of physiology, sociology, hygiene, psychology, fashion, economy, etc.

Phase Two: Research Dieting

  • Step #1: Read a Lot. The best way to compose a noteworthy research paper is to read books, scientific journals, encyclopedias and online articles about dieting. It is reasonable to focus on the points of view of different authors who have made their contribution into the research of this topic. Bear in mind that you are expected to read the latest publications about the types of diets, food products and human physiology. Ask your promoter about the trustworthy authors whose point of view is respected in the academic society.
  • Step #2: Classify the Chosen Authors. When you collect information about dieting, you should define several major opinions about it. You will definitely find several authors whose findings and concepts are similar. You can support their concept or criticize it suggesting your own solution. It is smart to choose three or four authors who presented their ideas about the specific problems related to dieting. For instance, you can find several authors who claim that dieting is useful for our health. Then, pay attention to the opponents of dieting. Focus on the scientists who say about balanced food, fast food and vegetarianism.

Hint: Remember that the quality of your research paper depends on the sources that have been utilized for your analysis. Ask your promoter about the best authors and sources.

Phase Three: Start Writing

  • Step #1: Write the Introduction. Write about the importance of dieting in modern world. Say that this problem is discussed in media every day. Mention the results of research of dieting and its controversial current condition.

Hint: A good introduction is the best way to attract the reader’s attention to the problem of dieting. Find a good hook. Rely on your personal experience or any other real situation.

  • Step #3: Write the Main Body. Project the main body of your dieting research paper wisely. Firstly, pay attention to the explanation of this term. Use encyclopedias and dictionaries to clarify it. Secondly, you can write about the history of dieting and the entire existing experience of this practice. In what way do the people from different countries practice dieting?Thirdly, say about the physiological importance of dieting. What are the psychological effects of this practice? Why do people decide to control their diet? Analyze the attitude of various people towards dieting. Write about the types of diets for the people who want to decrease or increase their body weight. Devote several paragraphs to the analysis of the healthy eating. In what way can one maintain his weight? Is there any impact of fashion, economy, occupation and social status on dieting? As you see, you should observe this problem from many sides whereas dieting is a broad issue that can be researched from different sides.
  • Step #4: Conclude Your Research. When you are through with your investigation, you should summarize your paper properly. Write your personal opinion about dieting and its effectiveness. Enumerate your findings and focus on the weightiest arguments inserted into the text.

Hint: Try to organize the entire research paper about dieting neatly. Write several paragraphs about every idea, type of a diet, products, etc. Make your paragraphs logical and clear to the audience.

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