Your Garlic Is Being Imported From China,Filled With Bleach And Chemicals.Here is How to Spot it

How often do you enjoy the pleasures of garlic? Have you ever looked at the garlic you buy at the grocery store closely and thought where this edible pleasure travelled from?

You probably haven’t. Because you are absolutely sure it’s a home-made product of your fruitful country. You go on enjoying a delicious meal leaving a jealous odor in your apartment, and putting your mouth cavity on fire, while tasting some serious chemicals imported from, believe it or not, not-home-made China.

Is Chinese Garlic Safe To Eat?

Here is an interesting fact: more than 80% of the imported garlic worldwide comes from China. This wouldn’t mean anything to us if we think about it lightly, saying “Everything was made in China”, but it should be a major alarm for our health.

Some may remember a decade ago, when CA, the “Garlic Capital of the World”, produced all of the garlic in the USA and we were all healthy and safe.

Now we have a different story and CA garlic is slowly pushing its way out of the country with only 40% production. Even our dearest friend – organic garlic is shipped from China, where you can hardly call anything organic. Surprised?

Statistics say that suppliers provided a devastating one-third of the garlic in the USA stores and markets in 2014, which amounts to nearly 65,000 tons, or devastating 60% of garlic in the USA.

This fact goes along with the information about Chinese garlic containing toxic materials. You keep wondering what makes garlic toxic? It is the way Chinese people cultivate it. They put pesticides not allowed to use by Chinese law in order to increase their production of garlic, some of which include parathion and phorate, illegal in China.

These pesticides have been on the list of High Toxic Poisons for quite a long time. They cause serious harm to people’s health. Garlic contains methyl bromide with the purpose of killing the bugs.

Exposure to this hazardous chemical in great concentration can lead to harming the respiratory and central nervous system. In some cases, it can be lethal. Garlic also contains other lethal substances, including sulfites and lead.

As if the chemicals are not enough, garlic in China is exposed to cold temperatures, treated with growth inhibitors and over-storage is a major issue. When it comes to over-storage, it is important to point out that allicin, the ingredient responsible for the health benefits of garlic decreases under these conditions.

To put this in one sentence, Chinese garlic is bleached.It is stated that various chemicals are used so that garlic is whitened, stopped from sprouting, and insects are killed. Moreover, instead of proper irrigation, untreated sewage is being used for crops fertilization.

Not only is the garlic itself toxic, but also the Chinese environment and soil are toxic as well because of the pollution problem that has been going on in China.

One of the reports made by the government in 2014 claims the severe pollution of Chinese land with heavy metals such as arsenic and cadmium, whereas the amounts of fertilizers and pesticides is unsustainably high and health-damaging. Having this in mind, we can all picture Chinese contaminated rivers receiving all these poisons from industrial life and Chinese homes as well.

So, what can the poor customer, who only wants to enjoy a happy garlic meal, do to outsmart the toxic threat of the Chinese garlic?

Stop using Chinese garlic in their diet is the obvious thing, but are there any ways to spot it? We need to learn how to spot this danger coming from China and become experts in garlic shopping.

I have some great news for you, because it is actually very easy to spot the difference between California fresh garlic and the toxic one imported from China. You just need to look at the garlic at its bottom.

Next time you go shopping, pay close attention to the following things:

– The regular garlic is heavier than the Chinese one, which is also less bulbous. Chinese traders save money on shipping, so they reduce the weight;

– There is a difference in the flavor – American garlic has a richer taste than the Chinese one. If we measure the garlic on the big flavor measurement scale, American garlic is 40 out of 40, whereas Chinese one measures 28 out of 40;

– Chinese garlic usually has its roots removed with a clean spot left, whereas American garlic always has roots. According to the Garlic Growers Association, no US garlic grower removes the roots from the garlic;

– The top safest way to prevent you from consuming toxins is to buy garlic from the local farmer that you trust or even growing it at your own home. There is no better feeling than eating something you have grown yourself!

Just be more cautious next time you go to the market and enjoy the benefits of the good old home-grown garlic in our diet without any worries!

You can also easily grow your own garlic: How to Grow an Endless Supply of Garlic Indoors

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4 years ago

I keep reading this article and still can’t believe what’s happening in our market! I surely was not aware of this, and I’m sure none of my relatives also are aware of the gravity of this garlic situation. I will share this with all the people I know, because as I can read from this information, I have consumed Chinese garlic a couple of times, but I’m not quite sure. Thank you so much for this information so that next time I won’t be fooled into buying bleached garlic full of pesticides and harm myself or my family. We have a history of fatal respiratory diseases and we also love consuming garlic, so we better be more careful next time we go to the market. I noticed some people say the whiter the garlic, the better it tastes and the healthier it is, but I guess it’s all a lie because Chinese people bleach it and put these dangerous chemicals that is so difficult to spot. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking about growing garlic myself as I have a big garden back in my hometown. Growing it at home is probably the safest solution if you have the conditions to do it. If not, share this article with great info. Thanks again!

4 years ago

What do we eat? How can people be so irresponsible? One of the most useful vegetables is garlic, people often refer to it as ‘the doctor’ since it has very good influence on your health. How can china be so irresponsible and deform the production of garlic like that? And think only of your children. I often give my boy garlic so that he can be healthy. I often quarrel with my husband when I eat garlic because of the smell, but what can I do, I love garlic and I love eating it. Several months ago I bought this nice-looking garlic from the market and I was pleased with the look of the garlic. I thought ‘this garlic must taste so good’ and that’s why I bought it. It was perfect garlic- no black spots, white, clean and it was very big! When I tasted the garlic it had no flavor so I tried another one and guess what happened-no flavor! When my husband got home he gave me a kiss and he didn’t notice that I had some garlic! Now this was very strange. I looked at the bag of garlic and read on the tag that it was imported from China. That was the first time I had ever tried garlic from China and it was an awful experience. Chinese garlic is very bad for you and this article shares my opinion! People, open your eyes, China is poising us with its garlic! Stop using it!

4 years ago

I am so worried about this euphoric mass production of food with lethal consequences. The food industry joins the other industries of producing GMO and poisonous products, using horrible methods and having under-payed workers. This food industry disperses tons of cheap poisonous foods on the markets. For them and them only, these products give them extra profit. Chinese exporters have deceitful intentions and they tell the locals that they shouldn’t care about this, since this garlic is intended for the Americans with ‘fat’ wallets. I can only imagine the ignorance of the farmers in the fields in China, working in the mud coming from the mass inhabited city sewage, watering the ‘American’ garlic. In order to stop the ‘missing care’ we have to think logically. We all have to accept the presence of extra profit to the CA farmers or distributors that they will eventually have. Even if the process is more expensive and we have more priced garlic on the market, we have to consider that we are are paying for the care of the home industry for the customers. Even better, if we have a farming neighborhood close to us, we all need to support those people for putting extra effort for producing homemade food with extra care, that the foreign producers are easily replacing it with the pleasure of that few dollars more in their pockets. What we are talking about here is 60% of market loss in order to have garlic full of lethal pesticides on our table. Well, that my friends is a double suicidal ignorance. We all should put effort and raise our voice to make a contribution if we want to have a natural garlic aroma in our homes.

4 years ago

I love cooking and I like using garlic in my dishes because I like its taste. I buy it from the local shop in my town. It has never occurred to me to check whether the garlic has come from our local farms or is in fact imported from China. This article has opened my eyes. I’m astonished of what is happening under our noses and we are doing nothing to prevent it. Wake up people we are eating poisonous food brought from China while putting our farmers out of job because we are too lazy to go and buy garlic from their farms. From now on I will be always alert when buying garlic. Thanks to this article I know exactly how to distinguish home- made garlic from imported one. Or better yet, next spring I’ll try and grow my own garlic in my little garden. That way I’ll be sure that it’s home-made and I will continue enjoying using the garlic in my cooking. I’ll be back to tell you how it went. Until then, I’ll ask around for some farmers who are selling garlic and buy a bag.

4 years ago

This really rings the alarm! People are increasingly using garlic in their meals because of its great health benefits and are totally unaware of what they might be consuming in fact. Even I when first read the first couple of lines from this article I thought so what if the garlic was made in China, nowadays everything is made in China and that’s completely normal because I as many other people wasn’t aware of the serious toxins that the garlic may contain. These hazardous chemicals or pesticides or whatever other toxins the garlic made in China contains can really harm our health especially our respiratory and central nervous system. This mustn’t be ignored! I usually buy the necessary ingredients for my family myself and I have never seen garlic grown in China until now. But last week when I was at our local grocery market I have noticed the difference. Really, the Chinese garlic was lighter and it didn’t have its roots. And when I asked the sales man where was this garlic from, he answered me that was imported from China and that it was organic garlic. If I haven’t read this article before I would have probably bought the organic garlic from China. Thanks to this article I can recognize which garlic is comes from China. Please share this article because this is exactly what I am going to do! People should raise their awareness about this! Thank you

4 years ago

It is such an unfortunate fact that our government exposes its citizens to such health hazards! And I truly cannot comprehend the reason behind this ridiculous and dangerous decision to import garlic from China when we can and should support local farming. It is also an easy vegetable to cultivate. We are not talking about some exotic produce that thrives in other parts of the world and importing it is the only way to enable our citizens to consume it.
The common garlic is in the spotlight here! And it possesses such enormous health benefits that it has earned the right to be prescribed as medicine. Scientific research has proven that garlic has the ability to kill more than 12 types of pathogenic organisms, including viruses. And we know that antibiotics are impotent in the fight against viruses. Raw garlic is a bit too heavy for my sensitive stomach, but having in mind its huge health-boosting activities, I regularly consume it in the cooked form and add it to all kinds of stews and soups. If you had not shared this article, I would never have guessed what harm is being done to this precious plant! But garlic from China is just one of my concerns – it is such a tragedy that Chinese farmers are being exposed to those toxins on a daily basis for mere profit! What else can I say – let’s all head towards our local markets and only purchase certified home-grown garlic. Thanks for sharing the article again.

James Phill
4 years ago

Well, I’m not so surprised by this fact, simply because China is starting to rule this world and we do nothing about it! Well, since China started interfering in our health without our knowledge, then it’s about time to start thinking about ways in which we can avoid imported and dangerous products on our tables. America is also capable of producing garlic or any other product for that matter, but I don’t know how we end up buying garbage and most shockingly, it’s all over the place!!!!! Now, garlic is bleached and far from organic, well we couldn’t expect less from a country as China. They have little control over what happens in their own country and we expect to be cautions when it comes to us. I always look for origin of the product the same as I look for an expiration date. You can’t be too cautious these days and our government should definitely put some boundaries for countries such as China. I myself enjoy gardening so much, that whenever I read such news make me even more in loved in gardening.

4 years ago

Two days ago, I diced some garlic and stored it in the refrigerator. Yesterday, it was fine. Today, it turned blue/green and I have never seen this before. I checked the label and it says Product of China. The garlic also tasted weak and did not have much flavor. I searched the internet and it’s being described as a natural chemical process. However, I’ve done this many times before and I never ended up with blue/green garlic. I feel like this is a new phenomena and it is becoming common place due to how food is being produced today. The food industry had studies done to find out why this is happening, which proves to me that it is something new. If you search for green/blue garlic most of the search results go back to 2012. I do believe the American corporations and the government are allowing us to be poisoned for profit.