10 Health Benefits of Pink (Himalayan) Salt

When processed, most foods not only lose their nutritional values, but may also become unhealthy.

Pink salt is a natural substance that is harvested from the Himalayan Mountains and is a great alternative to refined salt – the white substance that hides in the shaker next to your ingredients in the pantry. There are many reasons to choose pink

Himalayan salt (further referred to as HPS) over its store-bought counterpart.

Here are 10 benefits of pink salt that will change your perception of salt once and for all

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Many of you will probably be skeptical about this one because isn’t salt claimed to contribute to high blood pressure?

But before you purse your lips disapprovingly, let’s get this clear – Himalayan pink salt is way different from refined salt and as such its properties are pretty different too. In fact if you do some research, you may stumble across some very contradictory theories about salt and blood pressure in general.

But back to the topic about this pink salt, you should know that small amounts of Himalayan salt (we all know that too much of a good thing can equal toxic sometimes!) can help your body process minerals much more easily than usual. You won’t retain much water because you won’t have to drink so much water for your body to be able to get rid of the excess sodium. This will in fact make your system work better and without much struggling.

Clear Your Sinuses Up

HPS can be of great help when your sinuses are stuffy. You can use it to irrigate your nasal cavities and get rid of everything that has stuck there. HPS has cleansing properties; it can kill contaminants and bacteria, for which reason it works great for stuffy nose.

Purify Your Indoor Air

Along with cleaning up your sinuses, you can also use HPS to purify the air you breathe. This may also prevent the stuffy nose situation, as one of the main reason for stuffy sinuses is polluted air.

Natural air purifiers made of HPS are sold at many stores in the form of decorative lighting. Not only will they add an exotic look to your home, they will also purify indoor air and absorb moisture from the room. The salt ions of HPS will trap all the toxins and contaminants that linger in the air (and moisture for that matter). 


Detoxify Your Body

Next comes, detoxification. If HPS can purify the air and cleanse your sinuses, it surely can detoxify your body. Just add a small amount of HPS into your water when bathing and let dissolve. Before your bathroom routine is over, the salt will have pulled a number of toxins out of your body. Voilà!

Strengthen Your Bones

HPS is rich in minerals, which makes it a great supplement for your body and bones. If you want to regain your health, add HPS regularly to your meals and it will help you to strengthen your whole body. It is especially good for people who suffer from mental fatigue, broken bones and even arthritis.

Improve Your Digestion

Good news for those who suffer from indigestion – HPS can be extremely effective in improving your digestion. And if your body is able to digest food better, then it will result in you feeling less hungry. Many people are probably ready to trade refined sugar for HPS just at the thought of eating less because this will eventually end up in weight loss.

Balance Your pH

If your pH number is lower, it means you are a little more acidic than you should be, which can cause numerous health problems.

On the flip side, your pH could be higher than normal (6.5 is the best pH number and it can vary between 6.5 and 7.5).

Excess acid in the body can be neutralized wit just one teaspoon of salt and some water. HPS helps against pH imbalance as well as kidney stones and health problems.

Here are two more benefits of HPS you should know about:

  • Promotes good sleep
  • Helps improve vascular health

When considering all the benefits of HPS, don’t forget that it is not a cure-all and you still need to check with a doctor whenever a health problem arises.