10 Practical Uses for Coca-Cola. Proof That It Should Not Be In The Human Body

You all know the ad: Things go better with Coca-Cola! Coca-Cola is enjoyed all over the world. At least 1.6 billion gallons are sold every year in over 160 countries. The drink was invented in 1886, but nobody could have guessed that it will be drunk far into the 21stcentury. Undoubtedly, Coca-Cola is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, brands in the history of brands!

The question is, which things actually go better with this chemical cocktail? It is proven that individuals who regularly consume this fizzy drink develop an addiction to caffeine and a deficiency of important minerals such as calcium, magnesium and vitamin A.

The refreshing drink has also been associated with strokes, cardiac arrests, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease etc.Parents,too, should be especially careful not to give their children drinks that interfere with their balanced diet. 

Can it be that Coca-Cola is more harmful to your body than beneficial? Since medical accounts offer no certain evidence of any beneficial action of the drink in the human body, it’s much better to talk about its proven practical uses in our households or premises.Let researchers prove or disapprove its wholesome effects on the body.

The 10 most convenient uses of Coca-Cola you can try today:

1. It is a toilet sweeper

Coca-Cola is a real ‘Mr. Musculo’ for your toilet shell. It is always difficult to make yourself do the task of cleaning the toilet, so count on your powerful drink to do it better than you. Simply pour the available amount of Coca-Cola in the commode and wait for an hour or so. When the skunk smell is gone, all you have to do is a bit of brushing and flushing and your bog will be shining like a glass!

2. It is a stain remover

You can effectively remove tough and greasy stains from your garment by mixing detergent with Coca-Cola drops in your wash. Not only will the stubborn stains be washed out, but your clothing will be deodorized too. The carbonated drink is full of carbonic and phosphoric acid that do this job. Now, isn’t it better to have the drink outside your body than inside it?

You can clean not only fabric. Coke also cleans oil stains from a garage floor. Let the stain soak first, then hose it off.

3. It is a wonderful window cleaner

Another thing Coca-Cola cleans is your filthy and dusty windows. The citric acid in the drink, which is present in almost all chemical cleaners, will finish this job too. Do not through Coca-Cola remains when you are fed up with it. Use it on your window panes!

4. It is a bug killer

The same sweet tasty flavor that attracts humans to Coca-Cola does the same thing to insects. Pests like cockroaches and ants will be fizzing just like the drink and turning their legs up when showered with Coca-Cola. Repeat the spraying of ant hills and infected cupboards as many times as needed, and watch them disappear from your sight!

In India for instance many farmers use Coca-Cola for pestilence termination(including slugs and snails)because it’s cheaper and the result is totally rewarding. It is said that the high sugar amount in the drink can make it efficient in fighting pests in the fields. The goal justifies the means!

5. It is a color fader

You can use the Coca-Cola drink on your hair strands if they turned out shades darker than you wanted. You will get beautiful highlights since Coke will fade the color on your hair without using the more dangerous hydrogen peroxide. Search your fridge for a Coca-Cola can and grab it.Spare yourself from the expensive coloring treatments at the beauty salons!

6. It is a gum remover

When chewing gum gets stuck to your brand-new haircut or hairdo do not panic and fret! Pour some coke on the gum spot and let it rest there for a few minutes. You will pick that gum off your hair without having to use the scissors for cutting it.

7. It is a pain neutralizer

If your skin is itchy and scratchy because you’ve been bitten by a bug, strung by a bee or attacked by a jellyfish,  keep your shirt on again. Some Coke on the small wound will neutralize the pain in seconds just like any other chemical prepared for this use in a pharmacy.

8. It is a dish cleaner

Cooks know that their kitchenware gets all blackened and stained after long and heavy use. If you want to avoid the heavy duty of laborious rubbing and scrubbing,pour some of the wonder fizz into them and let it sit for a few minutes. The chemicals in Coke will dissolve the grime layers, so your pots will be spotless and shiny again! So, ‘Coke it’ cooks!

9. It is a rust remover

You can use Coke to loosen your tight and rusted bolts, buckles and other metal stuff. The phosphoric acid in the drink will cause the corrosion process and the rust, once loosened, can be easily taken off from the affected object.

Use a piece of fabric soaked in Coke, a sponge or even aluminum foil if the object is too big. Try to rub the rust out.If the object is smaller,just dip it into a mug full of fresh coke. Then rinse the rust traces with water and there you go!

10. It is a defroster

This is another very practical use of the popular Coca-Cola.  You can defrost the ice that settles on your windshields in cold weather. Just pour the drink and let it settle for a few minutes and the ice will eventually melt on its own.

The sellers say their Coke is the second most popular word after ‘Hello’. So,it’s just more likely that you will have a spare can of Coke in your car rather than an anti-freeze one!