10 Reasons Why the Paleo Diet Does Not Welcome Fructose

It is not so much about sugar itself but about the amount that is consumed today. Sugar is composed of glucose and fructose. Glucose is good for us; our cells use it to produce energy, and it is vital for some parts of our bodies. Fructose, on the other hand, is toxic and it can be used for naturlig testosteron tilskudd  .

Here we show you 10 reasons why fructose is so bad for you and why it is banned from the paleo diet plan:

  1. The liver is the only organ that can metabolize fructose, and your cells can’t use it to produce energy. In other words, it is of no use to the body, and it can become toxic, since the liver’s job is to get rid of it by turning it into fat and sending it out to your fat cells.
  2. Too much fructose can harm the liver and produce resistance to insulin and fatty liver disease. It produces the same effects as alcohol.
  3. Fructose responds to proteins and polyunsaturated fats seven times more than glucose, creating advanced gyration end products. These produce oxidation damage in our cells, play a part on inflammation and in the appearance of chronic diseases.
  4. Fructose boosts the production of uric acid, which can produce gout, kidney stones, and lead to, or worsen, hypertension.
  5. The bacteria in our gut uses fructose as a source of energy, and too much of it can produce an imbalance of gut flora, an overgrowth of bacteria, and the development of pathogenic bacteria.
  6. To some extent because of the harm it causes the liver, a regular excess of fructose produces dyslipidemia, this is, your blood lipid markers are likely to change to numbers that point to the danger of heart disease.
  7. At a very fast pace, fructose causes lepton resistance. This is a hormone that is in charge of appetite and metabolism and helps keep a normal weight. When a person becomes lepton resistant, he has a tendency to gain fat and turn obese very quickly.
  8. Just by consuming too much fructose you are at high risk of suffering all of the metabolic syndrome health issues. Some of these are:



    Heart disease

  1. Fructose is a great source of energy for cancer cells to flourish and multiply.
  2. Too much fructose impairs the functioning of the brain, particularly when talking about the control of appetite, and some research with rats has also shown that it negatively affects memory.
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