11 Amazing Reasons To Have Himalayan Salt Lamp In Every Room Of Your Home

If you haven’t had a Himalayan salt lamp in your home until now you should buy one immediately. Not only is Himalayan salt lamp very decorative but it also provides many health and soothing benefits for you.

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan Salt Lamps or HPS (Himalayan Pink Salt) lamps are made from pieces of pure Himalayan salt crystals with a small bulb inside. These salt lamps can be solid pieces of salt or decorative baskets filled with large crystals of salt. They produce a nice warm glow when they are lit and they are very beneficial for indoor air quality.

These lamps have become very popular recently and they offer many health benefits for you. When combined with a light source inside the lamps, the chunks of salt produce negative ions, which yield positive effects on indoor air. Put a Himalayan Salt Lamp in every room of your home and reap the health benefits that it offers.

How does a Himalayan Salt Lamp work?

When a Himalayan salt lamp founds itself in a certain room or surrounding, it absorbs water and particles from the air. It absorbs positive ions as well. Afterwards, when the warm salt releases clean water vapor back in the air, it also emits negative ions which have an opposite effect on our airways- increasing cilia activity to keep your lungs clear.

Here are 11 benefits of the Himalayan Salt Lamp:

  1. Cleans, purifies and deodorizes the air

One of the best benefits that Himalayan Salt Lamps offer is clean and deodorized air. These lamps are miracle workers when it comes to removing cigarette smoke, dust, pollen and other particles. Himalayan Salt Lamps do this with hygroscopic power, or an ability to attract and absorb water molecules from the environment around it. These lamps also collect and suck in any harmful particles in the salt crystal. The bulb inside heats up the lamp, so this water evaporates back in the room, and all the pollen, dust, cigarette smoke and other harmful particles remain sealed in the salt crystal.

  1. Reduces asthma and calms allergies

As we already said these lamps have the ability to collect and absorb dust, cigarette smoke, mold, pet dander, mildew, pollen and other particles from the air. This is the reason why Himalayan Salt Lamps are good in reducing asthma and relieving allergies. Since Himalayan Salt Lamps play the role of air filters certain manufactures have produced Himalayan Salt inhalers for people who suffer from asthma, bronchitis or other respiratory issues.

himalayan salt lamp

  1. Relieves cough and other symptoms of the common cold

Our homes are mostly filled with positively charged ions, which aren’t particularly good for our health. When the Himalayan salt lamp warms up and begins its hygroscopic cycling of airborne particles- it absorbs water and particles from the air, and also absorbs positive ions and alters their charge. When the heated salt releases cleansed water vapor back into the air it also releases the negative ions which have a role to protect us against airborne germs.

Moreover, besides removing these contaminants from the air, the salt also allows the body to filter air more effectively in an attempt to block any harmful particles from getting into the lungs. This will prevent further progress of sneezing, coughing, sore throats or other minor symptoms of the common cold.

  1. Increases energy levels

Whenever we take a walk, spend time on the beach, your tent or have the morning shower we always feel rested and happy. All those activities stimulate us in a good way and we are exposed to high concentrations of negative ions. We can enjoy those same benefits if we place a Himalayan salt lamp in all rooms in the house or in our office.

Try it and after a week you’ll feel the benefits.

  1. Balances electromagnetic radiation

Televisions, cell phones, computers, tablets are some of the appliances that we use every day. These appliances release positive ions into the air. These and other common electronics can cause an overflow of electromagnetic radiation (EM), which although invisible can cause some serious long-term effects.

If you are constantly exposed to EM radiation you will feel tired, stressed and your immune system will weaken. As I already said Himalayan salt lamps absorb positive ions and emit negative ones. Therefore, by neutralizing electromagnetic radiation, they reduce artificial frequencies and even prevent static build up. Keep one of the Himalayan pink lamps next to your gadgets and reduce any potential health treat.


  1. Improves sleep

When you are over exposed to positive ions, you can suffer from brain’s blood shortage and lack of oxygen supply which can lead to sleeping disorders. Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions and those ions reverse this effect and help you fall asleep faster. Moreover, in direct relation to chromotherapy, the soothing light can help people who suffer from insomnia.

  1. Improves concentration and performance

Exposure to positive air ions can lead to reduced concentration and lack of good performance, whereas exposure to negative ions has the opposite effect. Put a Himalayan salt lamp in your working environment and let negative ions increase blood and oxygen supplies to your brain, improve concentration and improve performance.

  1. Improves mood

Negative ions provide a boost of neurotransmitter serotonin which is the hormone of happiness. So, if you need mood enhancer and energy boost buy your Himalayan salt lamp and enjoy a more happy life.

  1. Treats seasonal affective disorder

Not only Himalayan pink salt lamp generates negative ions, it also generates soft, natural light which is close enough to the warm glow of the sun. So this lamp can be used to relieve the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. That time of the year when days are shorter, beat off lethargy by surrounding yourself with a few Himalayan salt lamps.

  1. Boosts blood flow

Negative ions, like those emitted by Himalayan Salt Lamps, can accelerate blood flow. That boost helps to improve some disorders of the vascular system and prevent damage to the lungs.

  1. Reduces stress and promotes relaxation

Himalayan salt lamps produce soft light in hues of ambient orange, red and yellow that can be very helpful in treating stress, attention deficit disorder and also provide general relaxation. The serene light will balance physical, spiritual and emotional energies. Therefore Himalayan Salt Lamp is often used as an aid in colour therapy (chromotherapy).

How to Choose and Where to Place Your Himalayan Salt Lamp?  

When you are purchasing your Himalayan salt lamp you must pay attention to the size of the crystal. If you are picking out a lamp for your bedroom 5.4lb will work just fine. For your living room or dining room 12lb will suffice. Bear in mind that 1lb crystal cleans 4’x 4’ room.

If you want to experience a real show buy the Everest salt lamp. It weighs about 50 lbs and it is 15-18” tall. You’ll be amazed how inspiring this item can be.

You don’t have to buy a lot of lamps at once. Take your time to find out which ones you like the best and which ones have the greatest effect on you. Buy lamps for the rooms where you spend most of your time and then buy lamps for the rooms you don’t use as much.

Be aware that the crystals tend to melt when they are exposed to high humidity for a long time. So keep them away from the dishwasher, washing machine or shower.



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