12  Most Effective Fat Burning Foods

We all know how important it is to have good metabolism that will quickly convert the foods and drinks you are consuming into energy. If you are starting to have weight problems, then this is a sign that your metabolism needs to be boosted.

Thus, you have to learn what are the best foods (and drinks) to speed up your metabolism and make those extra pounds disappear.

We have all seen people who are constantly eating all kinds of junk food, in enormous quantities, and still are not gaining any unwanted extra pounds, right? If you have ever wondered how come, the answer is their highly accelerated metabolism.

The stronger your metabolism is, the faster it processes food and gets rid of all the unwanted ingredients that are bad for your health and for your waistline.         

1. BCAA Powder

BCAA stands for branched-chain amino acids, and it can help you a lot in building muscle, even when you can’t visit the gym. Compared with fat, muscles burn three times more calories; thus, building strong muscles is the key to boosting your metabolism. When you use BCAA, your entire body, muscles especially, will repair much more effectively. You can start by adding 1,000 mg of BCAA powder in your regular morning smoothie. But do not forget to consult your doctor before you start using it.   

2. Greek Yogurt and Lemon

Even though it may not taste like your favorite morning drink, this combo will give you a fresh start to the day and a big metabolism boost. It contains high a percentage of vitamin C and calcium, which are so essential for your body at the beginning of the day. If you are also trying to cut down on calories, there is no better way to do it. And it is so thick and full of vitamins you will not notice that it is fat free.   

3. Sage Leaf Tea

This is something that will keep your metabolism in absolutely optimal shape during the entire day. It contains certain things that help the sugar in your body to move from your blood into you cells, and by doing this, it signals your body that the time has come to take the nutrients and start using them throughout the day. It’s the perfect metabolism booster.  

4. White Bean Extract

You are probably very much aware that every time you treat yourself to candy, the entire body is getting a huge sugar rush, and the result is new fat storage “facilities.” Therefore, white bean extract could be an answer for this “problem” because it stops your body from turning carbohydrates into sugars and increasing fat supplies.

It’s quite enough to take 500 mg of this extract per day just before you start with a carbohydrate-rich meal. And of course, you should also consult your doctor before you decide to start using it.   

5. Chili Peppers

There is a bioactive compound named capsaicin, which is the main source of the chili pepper’s heat, and it can be a great help in controlling your appetite, due to the way it increases your body temperature.

If you incorporate more chili peppers into your menu (as well as other spices and chili foods, like cayenne, habaneros, and Tabasco sauce), you will get many of the benefits in the area of fat fighting. Chilies are also know to be full of vitamin C, so it does quite a job as an overall metabolism booster.    

6. Vinegar

Vinegar is a great addition to every meal, as far as your bodily systems are concerned. For example, if you are using vinegar whilst cooking, you will slow down carbohydrate absorption in your body, as well as preventing the urge for sugar. It also slows down the speed of the food that is traveling inside you, so you will feel full for quite a bit longer.     

7. Ice Water

You probably know that when you drink very cold water, your body starts burning calories in order to normalize the temperature. It has been proven that 8 glasses of cold water can burn about 70 calories, and in addition to this, if you drink a glass of icy water before you start to eat, you will feel full much faster.   

8. Black Pepper

Due to the alkaloid piperine, which is inside black pepper, your metabolism will be boosted by a significant level. Instead of salt, next time you are dinning, reach for the black pepper, you will both increase your metabolism and reduce your intake of sodium.

And it does not stop here – you can increase the positive boost your metabolism by adding it to tomato juice or ketchup. Because of their lycopene, tomatoes work as antioxidants; thus, they have many positive effects on your entire body.     

9. Oolong Tea

This is one of the best teas when it comes to blocking fat-developing enzymes, due to the fact that it contains high level of polyphenols. Recent studies are showing that oolong tea can boost the metabolism process even for several hours after you finish drinking a cup. It also has low levels of caffeine, especially compared with coffee, or black tea for that matter. So take it as a very good alternative to those.   

10. Papaya

Due to the so-called papain enzyme, papaya can boost digestion and the absorption of proteins, and thus, the overall metabolism processes is dramatically boosted. Try to find some recipes with papaya and incorporate them into your menu, and you will quickly notice the difference.  

11. Matcha Green Tea

This not so widely known tea is a real metabolism booster thanks to the polyphenol EGCG. As you probably know, in most other kinds of green tea, you wet and discard the leaves. But matcha green tea comes in the form of powder, and it completely dissolves in hot water. 

Thus, you have the benefit of ingesting the tea leaves as well as getting all of their healthful and nourishing components. Matcha green tea is also a very useful antioxidant, with many anti-inflammatory effects. If you drink only three cups daily, your metabolism will be boosted like never before.   

12. Ginger

Ginger is also known as a very good metabolism booster. In order to get much of its positive effects, you should mix it with other vegetables (according to your taste).

It helps with digestion and boosts metabolism up to 20%, so try to implement it into your everyday menu, and you will notice the positive results after only a short period of time.

Mostly, you will start having higher levels of energy, and you will undoubtedly notice that your appetite will change for the better.