They Said Coconut Oil Was GREAT For You, But This Is What They Didn’t Tell You


The list of amazing coconut oil uses is endless.It seems that there isn’t a health or a cosmetic problem for which this magical ingredient does not offer a solution.

Used both internally and externally, from head to toe, from the earliest stages in life, it is enormously versatile and nutritive. One of its most important features is the high content of medium-chain saturated fatty acids that are extremely healthy for all the organs in our body.

Apart from that, coconut oil is a true star for the number of medicinal properties it gives at the same time: anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory. 

We recommend that you obtain organic and unrefined coconut oil since it has been proven that it contains the highest level of antioxidants and the value of nutrients has not been diminished by the refining process. We have gathered a list of 120 amazing uses of coconut oil, hoping that you will make the most of them.  

What health problems does it prevent and help cure when taken internally on a regular basis?  

  1. Indigestion- it is easily absorbed and calms the upset stomach, fighting the microbes and fungi in the gut flora and promoting nutrients intake
  2. Chronic fatigue – it boosts your energy levels
  3. It increases calcium and magnesium intake in our body, making teeth and bones stronger
  4. Improves sleep
  5. Regulates blood sugar levels
  6. Calms anxiety and helps with depression
  7. Improves the production of hormones
  8. Supports healthy thyroid function
  9. Aids in weight loss
  10. Improves blood circulation
  11.  Lowers cholesterol levels  
  12. Improves lung function, boosting the fluidity of cells
  13. Boosts our mental capacities- the healthy fats are a quick source of energy for the brain
  14. Relieves allergy symptoms, especially from hay fever
  15. Fights fungal infections, especially Candida Albicans
  16. Relieves colds, soothes a sore throat and helps with flu due to its ability to act against microbes and inflammation
  17. Helps patients with epilepsy, reducing the seizures
  18. Helps Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers, often with drastic improvements in motor skills and mental capacities
  19. Improves the quality of the skin, nourishing it on the inside
  20. Improves the increase in bile flow, helping with gallbladder disease
  21. Helps fight H. pylori bacteria due to its anti-bacterial effect
  22. Alleviates bloating/gas, which is often due to the disturbed balance of bacteria in the gut.
  23. Protects the heart and prevents atherosclerosis with its healthy fats content
  24. Boosts the entire immune system
  25. Prevents the formation of kidney stones and helps dissolve them
  26. Relieves hot flashes
  27. Prevents the formation of stomach ulcers by soothing stomach lining and limiting bacterial growth
  28. Helps cure irritable bowel syndrome, characterized by both diarrhea and constipation
  29. Soothes bladder and urinary tract infections
  30. Relieves menstrual pains
  31. Fights ear infections together with garlic oil – several drops need to be applied inside the ear twice a day. This will also soothe the pain.


What are the coconut oil benefits when applied topically/externally?

  1. Prevents nose bleed in extremely hot and cold weather conditions when a small amount is rubbed in the nostrils. This strengthens and protects the blood vessels in the nostrils.
  2. Offers stress relief with its calming and soothing natural scent when rubbed and massaged into the temples.
  3. Relieves nausea when rubbed on the inner part of the wrist
  4. Cures acne – it acts against the microbes and nourishes acne-prone skin that is often dry
  5. Helps eliminate head lice
  6. Soothes allergies and hay fever symptoms when applied to the inside of the nostrils, binding the tiny pollen grains
  7. Cures fungus on the toenail due to the anti-fungal properties
  8. Cures athletes foot with its anti-fungal powers
  9. Alleviates back pain and soothes sore muscles
  10. Helps eliminate cysts and boils
  11. Reduces cellulite when rubbed regularly on the affected area
  12. Speeds up healing after circumcision
  13. Acts a decongestant – it helps eliminate mucus in the nose and throat when rubbed on the chest and under the nose
  14. Helps with eye infections
  15. Alleviates itching and swelling when suffering from hives
  16. Cures herpes
  17. Genital warts will go away much quicker if coconut oil is applied to them
  18. Gingivitis and gum disease can be treated successfully when coconut oil is used as a toothpaste or directly applied to the gums
  19. Age or liver spots will gradually fade with direct application of coconut oil
  20. Baldness can be treated successfully with a potion made up of coconut oil and a mixture of lavender, thyme, cedarwood, jojoba, castor and rosemary oil, mixed with a pinch of cayenne pepper. It should be massaged in the affected area three times a day. This combination of oils regenerates the cells in the scalp.
  21. The itching and burning from bug bites will stop if you apply coconut oil to the spot.
  22. It heals burns and reduces the possibility of permanent scars when put to the burnt area immediately
  23. Heals cuts and scrapes on the skin, protecting the wound from microbes and pollutants and repairing damage to the tissues
  24. Apply a generous amount of coconut oil to the sun burns for a quick relief
  25. You can prevent wrinkles and reduce the existing ones by rubbing the oil regularly to restore the youthfulness and strength of your skin
  26. It reduces puffiness, lines and bags when used as an eye cream
  27. It heals bruises

 Cosmetic uses of coconut oil

  1. It is a perfect anti-shave cream, not closing the pores and soothing
  2. A mixture of salt and coconut oil is a superb body scrub
  3. Cracked heels will greatly benefit from it
  4. It makes a perfect lip balm
  5. It reduces and alleviates symptoms of dandruff, hydrating dry scalp and controlling the secretion of oils in it
  6. It nourishes the ends of your hair as a perfect hair conditioner
  7. It enhances the growth and beauty of your eyelashes
  8. Mixed with baking soda and cornstarch, it makes an effective deodorant
  9. You can make a face wash or a soap bar by mixing equal quantities of olive oil, almond oil, castor oil and avocado oil and coconut oil.
  10. It makes an excellent hair gel and a frizz fighter.
  11. It is an efficient makeup remover.
  12. Use it as an all-purpose massage oil.
  13. Apply it as a wonderful moisturizer for your face, neck and body that will nourish your skin like no other costly product.
  14. Use it as a pre-shave lotion
  15. Coconut oil will make stretch marks less visible and it will nourish the damaged skin
  16. It can be used for tanning, as it offers some protection from harmful rays.
  17. On newly tattooed skin, coconut oil accelerates the healing and minimizes the possibility of infection.
  18. It is a perfect toothpaste ingredient – the simplest recipe is to mix it with baking soda.
  19. It is an anti-bacterial breath freshener- just hold a teaspoon in your mouth, let it melt and swish it around
  20. Gently treats and restores your cuticles and nails
  21. It is a fine lubricant, but incompatible with latex
  22. Helps you shape your beard and moustache

How coconut oil can help your pets (starting with ¼ teaspoon in consultation with a veterinarian)

  1. Helps with inflammatory bowel disease and colitis
  2. Helps with arthritis and ligament issues
  3. Eliminates coughing and hairballs
  4. Heals cuts, bruises, dry skin and bites
  5. Clears flea allergies, dermatitis and eczema
  6. Heals cracked paws in dogs
  7. Speeds up wound healing and acts as an antiseptic
  8. Contributes to their overall wellness
  9. Prevents diabetes
  10. Boosts energy levels in sedentary dogs
  11. Speeds up their metabolism, helps with weight loss
  12. Improves nutrient intake and digestion
  13. Makes their coats shiny and sleek
  14. Deodorizes and prevents bodily odor
  15. Reduces smelly breath
  16. It is a natural bug repellent in a mixture with mint or rosemary oils
  17. It efficiently cleans the surface of your doggie’s ears
  18. Soothes your doggie’s dry and cracked nose

 Coconut oil also helps pregnant women, new mothers and babies

  1. When ingested in pregnancy, provides the baby with the essential fats for proper development
  2. Prevents stretch marks in pregnancy
  3. Speeds up the healing of peritoneum after delivery
  4. Soothes irritation on nipples like no other cream
  5. Works as a wonderful diaper cream for baby’s bottom
  6. Increases milk supply in breastfeeding mothers
  7. Nourishes baby’s scalp and prevents crusty scales
  8. Soothes itching of the skin caused by chicken pox
  9. Add some coconut oil to baby’s bath to keep the skin soft and healthy
  10. Use it as teething gel to alleviate pain and irritation of the baby’s gums

 Coconut oil is a versatile household agent

  1. It removes ink stains- apply some oil on them, let it sit for a while and wipe with a clean dry cloth
  2. Makes the leather seats and the dashboard of your car shine like new and erases any scratches from the surface
  3. Removes rusty spots from knives, scissors etc.
  4. Prevents discoloration of your Tupperware dishes
  5. Keeps away dust from your wood surfaces
  6. Greases your snow shovel, making it a lot easier to clear snow with it
  7. Unfastens jammed zippers
  8. Greases door hinges, preventing noisy door sounds
  9. Maintains motors in small machines and mower blades
  10. Enables the chain on your bicycle to work smoothly
  11. Removes chewing gum from your hair- rub some oil over the gum, leave it for half an hour and roll the gum away
  12. Polishes decorations made of bronze


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