15 Best Climbing Plants For Your Pergola And Arbor

Climbing Plants

Creativity has no limits when it comes to decorating your outdoor space.You can use your imagination to create a lovely and relaxing area for your family and friends.One way to frame and enhance the walkway or a part of your garden is to construct a pergola, or shade arbor.

This lengthy and slender construction is made up of flat crosspieces and an open framework held by pillars. It is often wrapped in attractive looking and sweet smelling plants.

In choosing which types of plants you will use to cover a pergola, you should make certain that they grow fast, are not difficult to maintain and complement your growing area nicely.

There is a variety of beautiful plants for a pergola for everyone’s taste and style

We have selected 15 vines that are popular, not too complex to maintain and very attractive:



You will need to invest some effort in looking after this beauty, but it will reward you with luscious hanging lavender blossoms and an irresistible smell. Wisteria requires strong support, frequent pruning and exposure to full sun. It grows very fast.



 This romantic all-time favorite beauty never fails to enchant us with its loveliness and fragrance.  It is one of gardeners’ favorite flowers for good reason.  Climbing roses are an optimal choice for covering arches or pergolas. They need to be pruned at least once a year, together with removing injured or diseased branches.



Who can resist the sweet and deeply aromatic smell of the honeysuckle? Its delicate blossoms spread their fragrance abundantly in the late afternoon hours of the day. It also offers us a variety of 180 types to choose from and it is also a fast-growing climber.

Passion flower (Passiflora)


This is a lovely tropical perennial vine that produces gorgeous multi-colored blossoms, attractive fragrance and fruits that can be eaten. If you live in the subtropical or tropical Zone 8-11, it will be especially simple for you to cultivate this beauty.

Grape vine


This plant is an everlasting symbol of abundance, charity, and fertility.  Not only will it l provide you with a deep shelter on hot sunny days but you will also be able to pick its wonderfully healthy and succulent fruits from its branches.  Another bonus is that you can cultivate it in different climates.

Bignonia or Cross Vine


This climbing plant will adorn your pergola with its small red blossoms in the shape of a bell, giving your outdoor area a sophisticated look. It is also simple for maintenance, tolerating even mild frost.  It will thrive in zones 6-9.



 This sun-loving plant also offers luscious looking climbing sorts. It will beautifully decorate your pergola with its bright purple, yellow, red, and pink blossoms. Your guests will certainly be delighted by its beauty.

Morning glory (Ipomoea Purpurea)


  This vine greets the sunrise with its lovely blue flowers. It produces rich green foliage and it is easy to maintain. It thrives in a sunny location, giving your pergola a completely new appearance.

Bleeding heart


This plant does not fail to astound people with its awesome bright blooms in the shape of a heart.

It needs a shaded location, colder temperatures and wet soil.  



You can inhale the amazing scent of this flower from a long distance. If this characteristic is important for you, then by no means plant jasmine in your garden.  It is cultivated as an annual plant in colder zones, and it offers abundant blooms throughout the year in warmer areas. 

Climbing hydrangea


This vine grows at a somewhat slower rate and it needs to be pruned regularly. It requires colder temperatures, so it is suitable for cooler Zones 5-8. It will reward you with beautifully shaped shiny foliage and sweet-smelling white blossoms that grow in clusters.

Golden hops

If you are looking for a rapidly growing plant that can reach the height of 8 meters, it is this vine. It is characterized by bright light green or yellow leaves. It requires little care and prefers colder climates.



 Why not cover your pergola with a wide-spreading plant that also produces super healthy fruits? Kiwi vine is one of those multi-purpose plants.  Just make certain that you obtain both male and female plants if you desire to consume the fruit  to ensure the pollination process.

 Sweet pea (Lathyrus odoratus)

Opt for the ordinary type of the plant and not the bushy one to cover your pergola. This plant will reward you with rich green foliage and pretty pink flowers. It needs to be planted in a well-drained soil and it requires a lot of sunshine.

Butterfly pea


It is not by coincidence that this tropical vine received this name. Butterflies truly feed on its blooms and pods.

The indigo colored blossoms are the most ornamental part of this plant that loves sunny areas. It can also be grown as an annual plant in colder areas.


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