15 Celebrities Have Spoken Out Against GMO’s and Vaccines

The controversial topics about GMO food and the risk of vaccines will always be something that will go under a lot of criticism.

Even though there would always be different opinions on this topic, one cannot state which of the speculations is right and which one needs to be disregarded.

However, when tackling such complex topics, one should definitely make a research to go through every aspect of it.

Marketing and media have always made an impact on the opinion of the mass population, no matter if they preached or were against something. It has been shown that media has taken a great part into how people react upon a certain issue.

The companies which have tons of money and can pay in order to be advertised will most likely be on the top, even though that doesn’t mean their products and campaigns are real.

Such a company is Monsanto, which has a market cap of around 55 billion dollars. It would cost nothing compared to the income that they have for marketing of their GMO products.

Allegedly, Monsanto has hired a swarming team of mothers who would write and attack anti-GMO blogs, while at the same time promoting GMO products. However, the false marketing is not the only thing that Monsanto has pushed. They have also sued farmers for seed patent infringements without any valid proof.

A multi-billion dollar company, as Monsanto, would have taken part into other fields on the market as well, right?

Monsanto has developed the Agent Orange, which is a chemical warfare weapon, used in Vietnam to completely destroy the 3-layer canopy forest in less than a few months.

If it was only for the damage done, that wouldn’t be such a great issue. However, the consequences and toxicity which was left lingering afterwards, is what causes the real destruction. Those who have served in the Vietnam War are victims, since they feel the consequences and pain for several decades.

Monsanto has been a direct cause of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, because of the artificially produced food which is not suited for humans. Instead of encouraging human care, they profit largely by something quite the opposite.

A similar disease-causing propaganda has been made by Merck, which is one of the largest vaccine companies having a market cup of about 162 billion dollars. The safety of vaccines has been debated for a long time, especially concerning the new arisen viruses.

Whether it is better to inject a small portion of the virus, so the body fights back and the immunity gets stronger, or not introduce your body to the virus at all. There are thousands of speculations and different opinions while Merck increases its budget.

Since politicians are also a part of this chain, and are pro these two corporations, because of the financial interests, the reality is pretty much distorted to the public eye. However, there are some celebrities who do not have any profit from the big corporations and can freely speak their mind.

Those who are against GMO have thrown away the GMO products from their diets and personal care. Some of the celebrities even won’t let their children get vaccinated, since they are against it.

Here are some of the statements in which celebrities speak against GMO’s and Vaccines:

1.Paul McCartney has been a supporter of labeling and says: “Back in Europe we have that choice. Our food is labeled and it hasn’t increased any costs to the consumer or the farmer.” McCartney supported the 2002 Measure 27 in Oregon that was pro GMO labeling, before lending his support to the 2014 campaign. He also supported animal rights and was part of his wife’s campaign and her own line of vegetarian meals in the UK.

2. Ziggy Marley( who is Bob Marley’s son and also an incredible musician as well, speaks against GMO by saying: “Hit me with that organic music”

3. Dave Mathews pushed the campaign “The Right to Know” which encourages labeling of GMOs about the right that every human being has, to know what kind of food they are ingesting. If there isn’t anything wrong with GMOs than those foods should be labeled, but if it is, most people will stay away from it, knowing it is artificial right?

4. Jim Carrey speaks both against GMOs and vaccines.

5. Danny DeVito is also part of the campaign “The Right to Know” which is against GMOs.

6. Woody Harrelson is a vegan and speaks against Monsanto and GMO food

7. Rob Schneider links vaccines with autism.

8. The current candidate for president, businessman and a celebrity, Donald Trump, has spoken against vaccines in various occasions.

9. Bill Maher has shared a tweet: “If you get the swine flu shot you’re an idiot!”

10. Toni Braxton has also connected the shot with her son’s autism diagnosis.

11. Robert F. Kennedy, who is Bobby Kennedy’s son opposes vaccines

12. Jessica Alba has been an influencer for the adoption of 100% GMO free products. She has her own brand called “Honest” and is against GMO and pro- USDA organic.

13. Alicia Silverstone has spoken against vaccines.

14. Charlie Sheen is against vaccines and has been fighting a court battle with his ex wife Denise Richards. She has won the case to get their daughters vaccinated, but Charlie has paid the pediatricians in nickels to avoid it.

15. Neil Young has his song “Heart of Gold” dedicated against Monsanto.