15 Fat-Burning And Best Metabolism-Boosting Foods

When the winter season is over, we realize that we have eaten and drunk too much, exercised less, and the result is a few, or far more than a few, extra pounds showing on our “cruel” scale.

The winter is a relaxed and calm period in which you hear a lot about people being depressed, losing weight, detoxification and dieting. But, whatever you do, you have to eat a bit more in order to feel that extra warmth in your gut.

And afterwards, you want to lose weight, right? 

If you want to get rid of the extra fat in your body and lose weight, it’s time you forgot about strict diets and take up a healthy lifestyle instead. We will give you the knowledge how to do it, and it won’t be a strict diet or fasting because there are super-slimming foods that can replace them.

I say super-slimming foods because they will help you shed weight and eat healthily at the same time. Even if we have written a lot about fat-burning foods, it won’t hurt at all if we repeat it once again. Plus, you can always learn something new!

These are some of the most Fat Burning Foods that can help you cut down on weight:

1. Fish

Two great types of fish for ‘melting’ extra fat are:
Fish is a great source of proteins and Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are helping you burn fat, and they also make your metabolism faster. Include these types of fish in your daily menu, and you’ll see the results!

2. Eggs

Eggs are a great source of proteins, and have all 9 essential amino acids that the body needs to build up the muscle tissues. Higher muscle percentage in your body results with faster metabolism, and it’s easier to burn calories, even when you don’t exercise.

Eggs are also a source of the vitamin B12 – which is essential for human blood. Taken into account that eggs contain mostly proteins, it’s best if you eat them in the morning for breakfast.

3. Fresh fruits and vegetables

We all know that fresh produce is very healthy and necessary for our organism because of the vitamins and minerals it supplies. But many of us still eat it in small quantities or even none at all! This is the secret: You should eat 3 – 5 pieces of fruits and vegetables a day. It is a great thing for losing weight, for skin rejuvenation, for glowing hair, as well as for fighting that chronic fatigue.

4. Cinnamon
There is a reason why it is called super-slimming food. The cinnamon is a spice that every woman should consume, for maintaining a healthy weight and having an attractive svelte figure since it speeds up the metabolism and lowers blood sugar. Some cinnamon powder can be drizzled over fruit salads, tea and coffee cups, rice pudding or honey.

5. Chilly peppers

The process of losing weight also includes chilly peppers. They speed up your metabolism, improve fat burning, lower cholesterol, and have a positive influence on the overall health because of the vitamins and minerals they contain. 

6. Tofu

Even though it’s not the most favorite of the foods, the tofu is extremely useful for slimming and thinning. It has a lot of proteins that burn fats easily and effectively. The only ingredients you need to make tofu are soy and water.

7. Whole grains

We need fiber daily, so pay attention that whole grains are the most important source of it. They improve the bloodstream, reduce appetite, thus controlling weight and making you look lissome. Whole grains are best if consumed for breakfast because they will ‘charge’ you with energy for a fresh start of the day!

8. Olive oil

Even if you’re on a weight-loss diet, you still need some fat for normal functioning of the organs. And you’ve got to remember that not all fats we consume are bad for our health! In fact, there are fats that are helping you manage your bulkiness, blood and nervous systems. The health advantages of olive oil are also well-acknowledged. It is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, etc. which protect you from heart disease and from stomach ulcers, gastritis, bile stones by improving digestion of the food. 

9. Coconut

The coconut is maybe the best choice for ‘wasting’ some extra pounds around your waist. Indeed, many renowned nutritionists consider the coconut to be a real “slimming wonder.” Antiviral properties of the coconut are very good for the liver because it helps with detoxification.

The coconut oil is a super-food for weight-loss because it revs up the metabolism and enhances calorie expenditure. It also contains oil acids (MCFA) which regulate digestion, help in assimilation of fats, and strengthen the body. It contains saturated oil and antioxidants which help for a better brain functioning. The lauric acid in this oil is well-known for its antibacterial and antiviral characteristics, which helps with stomach problems and intestines, Candida infection, and other health complaints. 

10. Brazilian nuts
They are ideal as a healthy snack to make you feel alive and kicking throughout the day. They have important vitamins and minerals such as Mg, Zn, Ca, B vitamin and Se, which reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancers. Selenium is a very important mineral for losing weight because it helps to “tame your shrewish appetite.”

11. Raw cocoa

The raw cocoa is one of the healthiest foods, also perfect for losing weight. Actually, we are looking at a chocolate in its most refined shape. Raw, organic powder-cocoa has always been considered a precious food that contains valuable minerals such as: Zn, Fe and Mg which boost the metabolism (read: shed weight) and give you energy at that expense.
The raw cocoa protects the body from the damage of free radicals, stress and depression, heart disease, cancer. Since it has a lot of iron (chemical symbol Fe), it regulates blood health and cholesterol. It literally ‘feeds the brain,’ and helps with regulating the appetite. 

12. Kale

The kale is a real vegetable wonder, and it’s not all due to its wondrous green color. Its health benefits are well-known because it contains a lot of chlorophyll, minerals and protein, which easily ‘set on fire’ the calories. The chlorophyll is especially active – it helps to reduce toxins and fats from the body. It has been shown to reduce the risk of ovarian and breast cancer and arthritis.

13. Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are very nutritive and are a rich source of all 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential ones, which the body can’t produce by itself. They contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D and E, and have a perfect proportion of Omega 6 and Omega 3 amino acids, which protects from cardiovascular diseases.

Hemp seeds are the richest source of polyunsaturated essential oil acids that boost the immune response of the body, lower cholesterol and protect blood vessels. They have a lot of phytonutrients, which also protect the immune system, blood vessels, cells, skin, and other organs. They are also helpful with digestion and do not cause gasses.

14. Chia seeds

Many people are not familiar with chia seeds. But these seeds provide the body with proteins, vitamins A, B, E and D, and minerals: Ca, K, Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn.
Chia seeds are one of the rarest natural sources of full proteins which contain all 9 essential amino acids – extremely important for our body. They help to bring water in the digestive system, and have low Glycemic Index (GI).

15. Lemon

Last but not least is the wonder–fruit lemon, which plays the crucial role in many detox diets. The lemon is not only a great source of vitamin C, but it is also great for fighting obesity and eliminating toxins from the body. People who want to lose weight are given a recommendation to drink a glass of water with some freshly-squeezed lemon juice several times a day. This drink will give you more energy and will ‘mend’ your digestion problems. 
Other health benefits of the lemon include treatment of: throat infections, indigestion, constipation, dental problems, fever, internal bleeding, rheumatism, burns, respiratory disorders, cholera and high blood pressure (HBP), while it also brings benefits for hair and skin.


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