25 Reasons Why You Should Eat An Avocado Per Day


Common names: Alligator pear, Avocado pear   Latin name: Persea Americana

Avocado is an amazingly delicious pear-looking fruit with divine taste and countless benefits. Notoriously famous for its monounsaturated fats, avocado has clearly found its way to everyone’s plate, with its seducing shape and mouth-melting texture.

Similar to coconut, avocado contains healthy fats, which will only do you good. Avocado fruit comes from the avocado tree, which was originally native to Central America and Mexico.

There are different types of avocados, from green skin to blackish skin, different sizes and similar pear-looking shape, creamy on the inside, with a big seed in the middle. It contains far more fat than any other fruit.

However, looking at the nutritional value of this fruit, you won’t believe the medical benefits which avocado gives our bodies. You can eat it raw, add it to salads or maybe find a recipe, delicious as it is, I’m sure it will be your number one choice.

Is Avocado a Fruit or Veggie?

Many people are confused about the categorization of the avocado. Is it fruit or is it veggie? Many people use it in a salad, so they figure it’s a veggie. Moreover, avocado doesn’t have that sweet taste like many fruits, which also makes it confusing.

On the other hand, we can make an ice cream or pancakes with it and it also grows on a tree, which makes it a fruit. Biologically, avocado is a fruit, with multiple uses.

Health benefits from Avocado

Avocado is rich in vitamins such as B, K, C and minerals like potassium, copper as well as fiber. Avocado is famous for the numerous health benefits, for its unique taste and clearly because of its nutritional profile.

Here are 25 reasons why you should eat an avocado every day:


1.Boosts your energy

How often does it occur to you to lose all energy during the afternoon and fall into deep nap as if you have been working out for hours? Well, this is due to the fact that your organism wasn’t fueled with the appropriate nutrients and those are the healthy fats in the avocado. The healthy fats inside the avocado, can lift you up on a hard day and give you energy to keep you fresh and vibrant throughout the day.

2. Keeps Your Skin Young

Avocado contains 20% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin E, which is very important against damaging body tissue by free radicals. Vitamin E is also very important in preventing premature aging or the creation of wrinkles. You can use avocado oil instead of overpriced lotions or creams.

3. Healthy Hair

The healthy fats are also crucial for lively and silky hair. I’m sure you’ve all noticed shampoos and conditioners based on avocado or even better, applying avocado oil directly on your hair, will help you repair the damaged hair.

4. Regulates your Body Weight

Believe it or not, avocado can in fact help you lose weight. Because of its creamy texture, avocado can make you feel full and you can easily kill your hunger. That`s why many people decide to include avocados in their salads, smoothies and even make a dressing for a main dish. Instead of eating a snack or a chocolate bar, try eating half of avocado.

5. Contains Healthy Fats

Many people are concerned about the high percentage of fats in the avocado, but those fats are in fact healthy fats, like the monounsaturated fat. Healthy fats can help you reduce or prevent the possibility of heart attack and control cholesterol in the blood.

6. Helps you Control Blood Pressure

Fruits and veggies rich in potassium are actually great for people who have problems with controlling their blood pressure. Avocado contains around 28 % of the recommended daily dose of potassium, which is a healthy and natural way to consume potassium. It reduces the sodium in the body and therefore controls the blood pressure. Try not to consume fat, because the avocado can satisfy the needed amount for fat. Too much fat will only worsen your condition, but if you cut down on other fats, you will create a perfect balance in your organism.

7. Improves your Digestive System

Avocado contains an important ingredient which is crucial for the digestive system. That ingredient is the fiber. Fiber can not only maintain a healthy balance in your bowels, but it can also prevent from constipation. Avocado provides your organism with about 54% of the recommended daily dose of fiber, which is a great fact which will make you to incorporate avocado in your daily diet.

8. Boosts your Immune System

Due to the presence of various vitamins, including B,C and E, avocado can help you strengthen and improve your immune system. We all know that vitamin C can prevent flues and viruses attacking our organism and that vitamin C is as well an immunity booster

9. Reduces pain and aches

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, avocado can help you reduce any inflammatory pain you may have. It prevents from arthritis and it’s a natural medicine for problems connected with bones.

10. Promotes Eye Health

Avocado is a natural source of zeaxanthin and lutein, which are crucial in fighting blindness and muscular degeneration. If you want to keep your sight sharp, avocado is the best way to go.

11. Helps the Organism Absorb the Nutrients

Vitamin D, E, K and A are nutrient which need to be combined with fat in order to be absorbed. Avocado helps the nutrient absorb in the organism and therefore make the best use of them. We can eat a lot of veggies and fruits full with valuable nutrients, but only a small amount of them will be absorbed. It’s advisable to add avocado to your salad in order to create a better absorption of the nutrients.

12. Feeds your Brain

In order to provide food for your brain, you need to be careful about the nutrients intake. Avocado contains copper, which stimulates the brain to process and function better. This mineral is connected with the creative, artistic part of the brain and the lack of it can mean slower processes. Avocado provides the organism with 20% of the recommended daily dose, which makes it a perfect food for the brain.

13. Reduces the Possibility of Diabetes

Avocado can indeed increase your calorie intake, but it can also help you regulate blood sugar level and therefore reduce the possibility of diabetes.

14. Retain Strong Bones

Like we’ve mentioned, avocado contains copper, which is bone’s friend as well as vitamin K and folate. Eating avocado will help you strengthen your bones, especially in times of physical activities.


15. Reduces or Fights Inflammation

Avocado contains oleic acid which is known for reducing inflammation. Allergies, cancer, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases are closely connected with chronic inflammation, and the use of avocado can reduce the chances of these disease occurring.

16. Improves your Mood

Due to the presence of many vitamins and minerals, especially potassium and folate, avocado is also recommended for depression. Depression is linked with the lack of potassium, and avocado is full with potassium. Any fruit or veggie is healthy and nutritive, but avocado has a special combination of nutrients which can help in many conditions.

17. Great for pregnant women

Folate is the ingredient which makes soon-to-be-mums to go crazy over avocado. It’s no secret that folate is crucial for the development of the fetus and not to mention the other nutritive ingredients which can help expecting mothers have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child as well. Vitamin B6 can lead to a more pleasant morning for expecting women.

18. May Prevent Cancer Growth

Even though there has to be a detailed research about prevention or cure against cancer, avocado and its miraculous benefits can also do you good when it comes to cancer. Avocado can help you slow the growth of prostate cancer and help during chemotherapy.

19. Complements our Meals

Aside from the numerous health benefits, avocado is also a great ingredient for our meals. Many people have the habit to indulge their main courses with avocados or add a spoon or two in their salads. It works in sour or sweet combinations, depends on the taste.

20. Makes you a Healthier Person

Every person who decides to change their lifestyle and go healthy, is definitely the person who will consume avocado every day. Avocado provides the organism with healthy fats and cleanse it from unhealthy ones. This is why we feel so full when we eat avocado. Make sure to cut down on other fats, because avocado will give you more than enough.

21. Unique Nutritive profile

Avocado has so many important and healthy nutrients, which will satisfy your vitamin and mineral dose in just one serving. Surly, it’s not a substitute for a proper meal, but it can sure be a part of one.

22. Great Source of Glutathione

Glutathione is a powerful and extremely significant antioxidant, and avocado is a great source of it. This antioxidant is known to fight heart disease, cancer and prevent aging.

23. Use Avocado Instead of Botox

It’s true! Avocado can have the same effect as Botox, you can put it on your face as a mask or simply implement it in your daily diet. The results are shockingly amazing!

24. Cheaper than any Other Beauty Product

Because of its effects on the skin and hair, avocado is the main ingredient in the most expensive creams and lotions in the world. However, you can find raw avocado, avocado oil or avocado extract in almost every healthy shop and for a lower and affordable price.

25. Incredibly Delicious

If we put aside all the health benefits which avocado has, we will still choose avocado. Why? Because it’s amazingly delicious, you just need to find your favorite recipe, believe me there are plenty of them or simply buy it and eat it raw. You’ll love it!

How to Eat Avocado?

You can make the most of avocado. You can eat it raw, add it to salads, meals, ice creams, dips, dressing… The list is endless. You only need to grab a spoon, scoop the creamy insides and enjoy every spoon of it.


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