5 Awesome Kid-Friendly DIY Projects to Spruce Up Your Garden!

Planning to spruce up your garden but have no idea on how to start? Then it’s time to get your tools out and begin working on those creative juices. If your kids want to join in, then that’s perfect. You can find a lot of DIY projects you and your children will have fun with. Easy and safe to do, your kids will appreciate these projects while it makes your garden (and family ties) even better.

Here are some easy and fun DIY projects for the garden that your kids can do with you.

Kid-Friendly DIY Projects for the Garden

Here are my five favorite DIY projects my kids and I do together to make the garden look even better!

Mini Gardening Pots

While you can create your pots, younger kids will have a blast painting smaller planters bought from the store. It’s perfect for little hands that want to decorate the garden with you without too much mess. Plus, you can teach them how to plant small flowers and watch it grow into beautiful leaves they will be proud of showing. It’s the perfect start to a fairy garden!

Popsicle Plant Markers

Using popsicle sticks to label various herbs and plants around your garden will help make identifying it even easier. Plus, you get to teach your children about the types of plants in the backyard. They’ll have a lot of fun designing the labels and coloring them. This project is very easy and requires minimal materials.

Painted Wooden Birds

For the older children out there, it’s time to make use of their creative skills. Using a quality whittling knife, you can guide your children into carving out a small bird with a block of wood. After carving, paint it with any color and add some feather patterns to make it look even more majestic. Place it beside plants or create multiple birds, lining it up on your porch for a charming design.

Stone Art

If you want a more natural way of marking your plants or would like to add more color to your garden without using a ton of materials, then you should try making art of the stones you have in your garden. With just paint and other coloring materials, let your children’s creativity go wild as they create cute designs out of the stones. They’ll last for years and can be a remembrance as they grow older.

Garden Swing

Have you ever wanted to create the charming tire swing for your garden? I’m surrey our kids would love to play on it as well! Using an old (but stable and inflated) tire, get help from your children to paint it into something more vibrant and cute for the garden. Then with the aid of your DIY skills, tie it to a tree and secure it with strong chains or rope.

Planting Their Own

Instead of shelling out a ton of money on starter plants, you and your child can create your own with the help of eggshells! Empty the eggshells and use 3/4 of it to grow smaller plants. Once the plants have become big enough, you can help your kids place it on the ground. It’s easy to do and looks even more natural than using plant starter kits.

In Conclusion

And there you have it! Five excellent ideas on how you can encourage your children to take planting to the next level. With these DIY garden projects for your kids, they will learn to appreciate nature and brush up on their DIY skills during their free time. So don’t wait any longer and try introducing them to the wonders of nature, starting with your garden.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences with gardening and children, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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