5 Restaurant Ideas You Might Want to Consider

Planning on starting a restaurant? There are those who are lucky enough to already know where they’re headed. Most of them come from a culinary family. Where their parents love to eat, and cook great food. Like Italian families for example. Some of them even have secret recipes passed on from generation to generation.

But there are those who don’t have any idea what their restaurant ought to be. One scenario would be people who saved enough money or people who received their retirement bonus and thinks it’s a great idea to just start a Italian restaruant.

Don’t get us wrong, it is indeed a great idea. Anything that satisfies our gastronomical wants and needs is always a good foundation for business. You just have to figure out what you want it to be and stick to the theme.

  • Ethnic – If you’re an immigrant living in another country with strong culinary background, you can bank on that. Especially if you still have the traditional recipes people are looking for. Depending on your location, if there’s a strong concentration of people with your nationality, you’re always going to have customers. Its authentic taste will remind them of home while other people are either adventurous or just appreciate ethnic food. Examples: Thai, Italian (an Italian restaurant is one of most popular), Mexican, Chinese
  • Steakhouses – Appealing to older customers, steakhouses are a haven for the successful working class. Though there are steakhouses that are family oriented, most steakhouses are for adults just looking for a place to eat while talking business or just getting time off away from it. Ambience wise, designs are mostly western with a serious town. You must also consider a fine selection of wine as steak and wine always go great together. Example: The Cut Bar and Grill in Sydney
  • Fast food – A quick service type restaurant, these are family oriented places with themes or gimmicks to appeal to a younger market. They also have a limited menu allowing operators to cook in bulk ahead of time. Ready to be served or taken out. As marketing is usually designed to attract children and teenagers, themes may be cartoonish and gimmicks may include free toys or mascot appearances.

Examples: Burger King, McDonald’s

  • Seafood – Probably the trickiest of all restaurants to pull off, seafood is a great choice for a restaurant too. It’s tricky because some variety of seafood are seasonal and will be tough to find alternatives. However, if you get suppliers all over the country to provide you with fresh supply all year long, then that would excellent. In the event that you can’t though, you can always change the menu with an equally delicious substitute.

Example: Peppered Prawn in Canberra

  • Foodtrucks – Foodtrucks seem to be popping everywhere in Australia. Another type of quick service, with a few chairs and tables on board, you can set up shop almost anywhere you want. Which is great because of what seems to be off peak hours for traditional restaurants, you can drive to where your customers are. Like driving down near office buildings for employee lunchtime. As this is fastfood style, menu is limited to food that can be easily cooked like frying or sandwiches.

Example: Gumbo Kitchen

We hope this has been helpful. As for all businesses, without perseverance and consistency, you won’t be successful. Ideas are great but execution is always greater.

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