6 Low Carb Diet Health Benefits Backed by Science

Low carbohydrates diets have been controversial for years, like pretty much all other diets. In the last years researchers have conducted studies on them, which proved that lowering the amount of carbs you eat can do more than helping you lose weight.

Low carb diet can lower your appetite

The biggest problem you can have when you are on a diet is struggling with hunger. Low carb diets naturally reduce your appetite, helping you eat less calories. Studies conducted on people following low carb and low fat diets have shown that people on low fat diets needed to restrict their calories to lose the same amount of weight as their peers, who were not keeping track on calories. In other words, low carb foods can reduce your appetite naturally, keeping you full for longer periods of time.

Lose more weight

Low carb diets were proven to be the most effective type of diet for people who are trying to lose weight. The studies revealed that most people can lose weight faster when they are cutting down on the carbohydrates. The weight loss process is faster and you also lose all the excess water in your body. Another important finding is that low carb diets work better when they are embraced as lifestyle habits. If you follow the diet for six months, you lose weight fast, but when you return to the old eating habits, you gain all the weight back.

Low carb diet leads to more visceral fat loss

The human body has two types of fat: the fat stored under the skin and the fat stored around the abdominal area, inside the body. The latter is called visceral fat and is linked to insulin resistance and inflammation. Studies revealed that low carb diets are very effective in reducing the visceral fat, which also reduces the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Another great benefit is that losing fat from the abdominal area can reduce metabolic problems.

Your HDL levels raise

HDL is known as the good cholesterol in your body and studies revealed that low carb diets can increase the amount of this lipoprotein. High HDL levels reduce the risk of developing heart disease. To increase your HDL levels you need to eat more healthy fats. Low carb diets are rich in fats, so following this diet can dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease.

Lower blood pressure

Low carb diet can also reduce your blood pressure, according to studies. Hypertension is a risk factor in a number of severe conditions, like stroke, heart diseases or kidney failure.

Lower blood sugar

Carbohydrates are processed by the body and transformed into sugars, which enter the bloodstream. High levels of sugars in your bloodstream are regulated by insulin, which is produced by the body. In people who suffer from insulin resistance or their body fails to produce enough insulin, the level of the sugar in the bloodstream remains high, leading to type 2 diabetes. When you are following a low carb diet, you are naturally reducing the amount of sugar in your bloodstream. For people who suffer from diabetes, this diet can help them control their disease easier.

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