7 Most Effective Exercises For Full Body Weight Loss

Everybody strives to be fit. However, you must accept the fact that there is no such thing as a quick weight loss. There are no such products that will help you shed pounds if you keep eating everything you get your hands on while watching TV.

If your goal is to be fit and to feel healthy and confident in your own body, it can not be accomplished in a week, as our bodies do not function that way. Even when you have reached your ideal weight that does not mean you can throw yourself to junk foods loaded with extreme amounts of calories and fats.

If you want to be fit and have the body of your dreams, some types of exercises must be implemented in your lives.

The good news is that exercising is not always connected with the feeling that we are doing something we do not like. Exercising can be extremely fun when you enjoy it.

Here are the top 7 calorie burning exercises which you will enjoy doing. If you pick the one most suitable for you, time will fly and pounds will be shed in no time.

 1. Walking and jogging


We usually refuse to jog because they find it exhausting, but walking is easy, right?

How to start

Make walking a daily routine, and while you are there, jog for just five minutes and you will see immediate results. Afterwards, increase the time interval of jogging every day, thus introducing your body into a higher-intensity workout. It gets easier in time and the effort will pay off.

Fast walking accompanied by jogging ensures slimmer waists, narrower hips, lower blood pressure and higher levels of good cholesterol in just 2 weeks.

2. Sex   


Having sex is very enjoyable as sex is mood enhancer; the more you have it, the more endorphins are released, and endorphins are the brain’s “feel good” chemicals.

You already know that sex leads to weight loss as it increases heart rate and is an excellent exercise.



3. Swimming


Swimming is an excellent workout as it is rather enjoyable (for those who like swimming), so time will pass quickly.

It is great for weight loss, as it burns calories and puts little (almost no) stress on your body. Also, swimming activates all the major muscle groups and will tone you up and slim you down.

 4. Dancing


One more fun way to burn calories. If you choose this exercise, you do not have to be strict about anything, apart from your calories intake.

Your body will ask for more calories as you will burn them during dancing, but try to deprive yourself from eating foods rich in calories, as you will not lose weight, you might even gain some.

The dancing part is easy and fun, move your whole body during dancing and make sure you dance 5 times a week for only 20 minutes.

Tip: Chose your favorite music to make it even more enjoyable. The more you do it, the better.

5. Cycling


There is a great number of reasons to choose this activity if you like cycling.

Good for the environment: By replacing the car or another vehicle with a bicycle you are avoiding traffic jams and are friendlier to the environment

Weight loss: Cycling enables continuing weight loss if done regularly (at least 3 times a week).

Little stress on your body:  Cycling does not wear out your joints, it strengthens your body’s biggest muscles, trains your muscles to burn more fat and it continues burning calories long after you are done.

6. Aerobics exercises


You already know that aerobics is a cardiovascular exercise and that it is perfect for weight loss. If you do not like classical aerobic, you can try zumba, pilates or some other variations to find the perfect one for you.

Plenty of benefits

The benefits of doing this type of exercises are limitless. Some of them are: increased energy levels, reduced stress and improved mental health (due to release of endorphins in the brain), increased lung capacity and heart efficiency, reduced blood pressure, resting heart rate and weight loss.

7. Weight training

To lose weight you must burn more calories than you eat. Gaining muscle mass is the primary goal of this exercise, since strong muscles burn more fat. Even when you stop exercising, you continue to lose fat up to 48 hours after the exercise.

Many people (especially women), refuse to try weight training as they think that they will become bulky which is a misconception.

Having lean and strong muscles is the first step to calorie burn and weight loss, so you might want to give weight training another try.

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