8 Most Effective Exercises for Weight Loss

What do you need to be happy? Good health, right? In order to gain good health, it is a must to keep your body fit.

As you want to keep your body fit, you need to burn your extra calories. To burn your calories, you can take a long list of good exercises such as swimming, running. These are outdoor exercises.

As well as outdoor exercises, you have some good options to move your workout indoors using fitness machines. Such as cardio, rowing. Today I’m here to talk about some of most effective exercises for weight loss. So, let’s take a look what I’ve got for you.


Swimming is one of the most effective ways to burn calories. As a matter of fact, you are engaging your major muscle group while swimming. It takes low impact and less time to burn hundreds of calories. Besides, it is a workout that you can do for a lifetime. As well as weight loss, it has some other health benefit too. It improves your cardiovascular fitness and decreases the risk of various chronic illness, like high blood pressure. So, with a minimum effort, what exercise can be better than swimming!

Weight Training

Weight training is the best of all weight loss techniques. By this, you will gain muscle mass as well as burning your body fat. It increases your metabolic rate when you are resting. As a result, you will be able to burn calories even after finishing your workout till next 48 hours. It is a very effective method to lose pounds of fat. It improves your body muscle and blood circulation all over the body. The parts having fat in your body are mainly engaged in this workout. As well as weight loss it helps to make your bones strong.


Cardio is a very effective way for weight loss. It effectively increases your metabolism during the workout and helps to lose your fat. The best part of cardio is the metabolism continues after the workout (Best Dumbbell Sets). In this process you need to inject more intensity and time to the regular walkout, running, jumping rope or cycling. It is a very fast way to achieve your goal. If you can properly mix with weight training it will provide you a great benefit. If you are a beginner you have to maintain your interval time during exercise. For a boost in exercise breathe hard during an interval.


Rowing is one of the most familiar and effective workouts. You can burn up to 600(!) calories by this exercise in an hour. It will help you to perform cardio. In our daily life, we can hardly afford this exercise without a rowing machine. Rowing machine is an equipment which will provide you with the motion and movement of a rowing boat. It will assure your full body workout. As a result, it is a great option for losing weight. As a matter of fact, a best rowing machine can burn more calories than any other machines available in the market. A healthy diet combined with this exercise will help to achieve your goal sooner. 


Lunges are a very good exercise that works on several muscles group. It works on the thighs, buttocks and the hamstrings. It is a very simple workout to perform. There are some variations to lunge. The most effective type of lunges that helps to lose weight fast is plain Jane forward lunge. You can do it alone. Besides, you can do it either free hand or with the help of dumbbells, kettle bells or barbell.


Jogging is a very effective exercise. Not only weight loss but also it deals with some serious body issues. Jogging means running at a slow pace. Jogging helps your body to make energy burning your fat. Regular jogging will boost your metabolism. Jogging burn 435 calories in an hour. It will develop the fitness level of the body and hence endurance. Not to mention jogging will help you to gain further unwanted body fat. If you are thinking of it, I can assure you that it can work faster than you are thinking. Try to do it regularly and focus on increasing distance.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is the process to swinging a rope and jumping over it. It is a speedy process. It is very much beneficial to health as well as it is very much sporty. The tool is required is cheap and portable. At a steady rate, it burns 10 to 16 calories per minute. It will boost your heart rate. 10 minute jumping over the rope can be compared with the 8-minute mile running.

Push Up

Push up is a very effective free hand exercise for losing the weight. While you are doing this, several parts of your body are engaged in the workout. Such as chest, arm, and shoulders. Legs are also included in this workout. Let us take a look what benefits we will get after a few push-up a day.

Your functional strength all over the body will increase as well as it will protect you from shoulder injury in the case of older adults. It will burn a very good number of calories.Besides, the blood circulation in the upper part of the body will increase. Not to mention it is a time-saving exercise. In the beginner level, you should start with a fewer numbers of push up. 


We have discussed 8 most effective indoor, outdoor exercises for losing weight. A fit body can fight against illness, impact, and pressure of daily life. Not to mention it provides a smart and good look. If you are tensed of your body weight, you need to start exercising today. Not only these exercises but also you need to focus on your dietary system. In our busy schedule, it is tough to perform the outdoor exercises. Fitness machines will help to workout indoors as well. You can combine your workout schedule with some indoor and outdoor workouts. Hope, you will achieve your goal soon.

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