8 Things You Should Know About a Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck surgery can make you lose weight! Says who? Well, this is just one of the numerous myths that surround a tummy tuck surgery. Before you go in for a tummy tuck surgery, make sure you know all the facts.

The fact is a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is becoming very popular. Whether you are considering to get rid of the stomach pooch after a pregnancy or want to tighten your tummy area, a tummy tuck can cater to numerous requirements. But considering a tummy tuck surgery can be pretty daunting for most of us it is imperative you get a lowdown on the 8 things you should know about a tummy tuck surgery recovery.

  1. A tummy tuck cannot help you to drop the excess pounds- You cannot lose weight from a tummy tuck surgery. Yes, you can drop a few pounds but not really a significant lot. Ideally, you should be around your goal weight, when you go for a tummy tuck surgery. So, forget all that you have heard. A tummy tuck surgery cannot be equated with a weight loss surgery.
  2. About the scar- If a scar is one of your chief concerns you got to know this, when you undergo a tummy tuck surgery you will end up with a hip to hip scar.  But the scar is usually hidden under the folds of the bikini line. Also, your belly button will be relocated so you will have a scar over there as well. When you go for a tummy tuck surgery after significant weight loss, you may have an upside down t-shaped scar right across the abdomen.
  3. The surgery isn’t covered by insurance- The surgery isn’t cheap and it won’t be covered by your insurance company. Also, the post operation bills can notch up to quite an amount. So make sure you plan well ahead before you think of going for a surgery.
  4. Know more about your surgeon- Before you go for any kind of surgeries make sure you select the right surgeon, who has years of experience, and he/she has operated on a large number of patients.
  5. You may need a liposuction too- Along with a tummy tuck surgery, your doctor may also recommend a liposuction procedure. In order to reshape your tummy area, your surgeon may recommend another procedure, make sure you talk to him and zero in on the right procedure that suits your body.
  6. You will require help at hand for the first few days- This is a major surgery and though it is done on an outpatient basis, you might not be able to be very mobile for the first few days, let alone do all the house chores. Get somebody to help you with standing and moving around. Gradually once you get stronger you will be able to go back to your old life.
  7. You will feel awkward- Since your excess skin will be removed from the abdominal region when you undergo surgery for tummy tuck and stomach muscles tightened, you will be bent over, and your posture will be affected. But things will look up after a few days.
  8. You will feel the difference- Once you get onto recovery mode, you will feel the benefits, increased levels of confidence and clothes fitting better to name just a few. Your fitness levels too will be markedly improved.

So, consider all the above -mentioned points and go ahead with a tummy tuck cosmetic surgery, we are sure you will love your all new avatar.


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