There Are 9 Types Of Intelligence. Which Kind Do You Have?

Dr.Howard Gardner – Harvards’ professor developed a theory that every man does not have only one type of intelligence, he could have more – even 9! According the theory of dr. Howard Gardner, you can’t conclude if someone is intelligent or not, in only one way, but he says that everyone has different capabilities, in 9 different types of intelligence.

According to Dr. Howard professor, intelligence is not “once and for all times” and it can be developed, which is good news. But, the bad news is that the human brain has development phases in which some types of intelligence develop easier and more quickly.

Linguistic Intelligence

Linguistic intelligence is characterized with accented interest towards words and language, written and oral expression, Expression of ideas and understanding the connection between communications and intentions.

Logical – Mathematical Intelligence 

This intelligence made of seeing the patterns, scientific thinking, analysis of an issue, solving mathematical problems and understanding correlation of the source and consequences.

Musical intelligence

Musical intelligence can influence on having better musical ability, enjoying and awareness of sounds, knowledge of tones and rhythmic patterns, as well as understanding the rate between sound and feeling.

Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence.

This type of intelligence is characterized with coordination of body movements, exploring and seeing your ability of using the body, coordination of physical activities, as well as an eas at  learning physical skills.

Space intelligence

Space intelligence Is intelligence found in persons when they learn and think about pictures, they remember faces better than names, picturesque fantasy and expression, understanding the picture and meaning of the picture, and understandings space/effects rate.

Intra-personal intelligence

People that have intra personal intelligence know themselves well. They make decisions based on what is right for themselves This Intelligence has following characteristics: prefers working alone, self-aware defined ,the ability to act on the basis of self-knowledge,as having accurate knowledge of one’s dreams, goals, strengths, limitations, moods, anxieties, desires, and motivations and highly developed self-knowledge.

Natural intelligence

Natural intelligence is found in people which can see where they are in the nature, can remember details of the places where they have already been, love plants and animals and they can recognize them. They take care of the environment, enjoy  walking or camping, have the ability of understanding  different situations.

Spiritual intelligence

Spiritual intelligence means sensitivity and interest about deeper human beings, understanding life and  some “more difficult” questions. It’s important to accent that every person has these types of intelligence, but they are developed differently in each person.