A 3-Year-Old Boy Remembers His Past Life,Locates His Body And Identifies The Man Who Murdered Him!

How would you react if somebody told you they remembered their past life? What if they gave you precise details about it? What if they showed you proof?

There have been numerous cases of children and adults remembering past life experiences and places they’d never seen before and the number is just growing larger every day. In a society based on science and rationalism, there are many people who don’t believe that this is even possible to imagine. If you are one of those people, this information may shake the foundation of your rational beliefs.

There Are Children Who Remember Their Past Lives!

There have been many cases throughout the world where children remember their past lives and the proof is just too immense to be denied. For nearly 15 years,Associate Professor of Psychiatryand Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia Jim B. Tucker M.D. investigated cases of American children remembering past lives and his finds led to intriguing discoveries.

Jim claims that even though some children created false memories of living as a loved member of the family who had passed away (because that person was mentioned a lot in their presence), there are those who recalled past life memories of people that were not famous in any way and were not known to the family of the child.

He found that most children remember past lives at the age of between 2 and 7 and that most of them had died of unnatural or violent death in their past lives (roughly 70%). Tucker believes that reincarnation is a real phenomenon and he connects it to the quantum physics theory and the existence of consciousness, which we will elaborate below.

The Case of the 3-year-old Druse Boy

In this particular case, a Druse boy at the age of 3 claimed to remember his past life in which he had been brutally murdered. Of course it is hard to believe in everything a child says and the villagers saw these claims as a product of his imagination. But when the boy gave crucial information about the village he had lived in, his previous name and surname and other facts, the village elders decided to investigate his claims.

Dr. Eli Lasch, who was a physician in that area, also joined the investigation which led to another village. When they got to the village, the group found that the person who this boy claimed to be had been missing for 4 years (remember, he was 3 years old).

There he showed the house where he used to live and, most curiously, he called a person from the neighborhood by his name and surname to which he addressed. There is no way that this boy could have known that person!

But the most intriguing fact was that he knew that that person killed him in his past life. The boy claimed this person to have been his neighbor and that after a quarrel that person killed him.He even showed the improvised grave of his body and the axe with which he was killed.

The blow in the forehead from the axe led to the death of the man and a very curious fact was that the boy’s large birthmark on his forehead corresponded to the exact spot where the skull of the person was fractured. The murderer had no choice but to confess to the murder of which he was later charged.

What is Reincarnation and How Can We Remember Our Past Lives?

Reincarnation is a concept which many cultures believe to be more than real. Buddhists, Hinduists, spiritualists and many others claim that we are souls inhabiting a physical body and we are bound to reincarnating in this physical dimension until we learn all the lessons from the material world.

Some countries’ cultures are entirely based on the process of reincarnation and there they won’t find this fact weird even for a second. On the contrary, people there might tell you that a girl was her mother’s grandmother in her past life! This is the same with the Tibetan culture, the most famous case being the Dalai Llama, who they acknowledge as the same soul reincarnated over and over again.

While the concept of reincarnation is still a mystery to mainstream science, the thought of past life memory is even more intriguing. Scientifically speaking, memory is closely connected to the brain.

It has become clear to scientists that long-term memory isn’t stored in just one place of the brain, but is distributed throughout the cortex in specific neurons that fire signals at the same time to recreate the experience of that particular moment. The question is, if there is such thing as past life memory, how could the brain which is part of the ‘new body’ know that information without having it experienced before?

Where Does Past Life Memory Lie?

Science hasn’t found where consciousness lies in the brain yet and some believe that consciousness is everywhere but in the brain and that it is stored in a sort of ‘cloud storage’ called mass consciousness, from which we all gather information and to which we send our knowledge and experiences.

Jim B. Tucker M.D. hypothesizes that since consciousness does not require a brain to exist, it can attach to any other brain and create the reality that the person sees, thus create the past life memories.

Another theory is the theosophical concept known as the Akashic records, a non-physical plane of existence, in which all the events and experiences from the history of the Universe are being collected as if in a great ‘library’ of information.

It is believed that one can tap into those records and recollect all the experiences and events they need. This means that if information like that exists in that presumed ‘dimension of information’, individuals could reconnect to their past life experiences in a way similar to how the brain reconnects itself to the experiences recorded in the cortex – through what we would call memory.

While we still don’t know the exact way to prove the existence of reincarnation and past life memories,more and more people are starting to find this notion to be true and natural. Spiritualists think that the mind isn’t just ready yet to interpret everything about existence, as it is very dependent on the materialistic representation of the world and is a product of the third dimension.

They say that through the absence of rational thought and the use of the intuitive mind are we able to see the larger picture and understand many of the concepts that mainstream science cannot explain. Nevertheless, be it in search of proof or just believing it is real, reincarnation is a phenomenon that needs to be looked into more seriously and understood on a deeper level.