A Beautiful Memorial Garden That Climbs to New Heights

In the picture above you can see an unusual Japanese park that features 100 blooming gardens.

When Tadao Ando set out to transform a one-time landfill into a park where people could gather together on the island of Awaji in Japan, he had a very simple vision in mind. But, things changed after an earthquake additionally devastated the area. The architect busily revised his plans, turning the slope of the mountain into what may be one of the most beautiful memorial sites ever!

Built on the side of a mountain, the so-called 100 Stepped Garden (or Hyakudanen in the Japanese language) commemorates the deaths of over 6,000 earthquake victims, while also acting as a reminder of the vitality of the area and the splendor of nature.


Encompassing 100 individual square garden patches that cascade down the side of the mountain, the park is truly breathtaking.

Each flowerbed changes with each passing season, maintaining a vibrant array of colors and textures from the warmest to the coldest periods.

The flowers serve as a vivid symbol to those who misfortunately lost their lives during the earthquake.

You can either walk or take an express free-standing elevator to the top of the first large square of flower beds.

Once you get there, a viewing platform offers a spectacular panoramic view at the astounding flora of the garden.

You can see in the pictures that flights of stairs, running all through the grid, make it very easy for the keen visitors to visit each one of the one hundred flower beds.

The mesmerizing garden actually lies at the highest point of the Yumebutai complex and is linked to the other parts of the project by a 10 meters wide step-cascade of continuously flowing water, flanked by stairs that follow the same arrangement and incline.

Viewers can trek the incline, paying attention to every colorful detail as they go.


Since Ando started the project in the 90s, more facilities have been built in the area including: a hotel, a conference center, an amphitheater, as well as a number of restaurants.


But this touching memorial is only one of the many spectacular gardens in Japan. From bamboo walkways to fields of colorful flowers, the country is a garden lover’s daydream.


In my opinion, unique gardens like this one definitely make the place attractive and worth visiting!