Apple Juice Daily Could Significantly Protect The Brain, Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk

Two glasses of fresh apple juice every day could significantly reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s!

Now, is it necessary to think about Alzheimer’s disease when you feel your brain is perfectly ‘fit’? The answer is still YES! 

If you have been around somebody with Alzheimer’s, you know how scary it is. As for those of you who haven’t been around such person, I know what you will ask.

Question: What are the symptoms of Alzheimer’s dementia?

Answer: The very nature of the symptoms can be confusing for both a patient and the people around them, with different levels of severity.
The cognitive decline happens in at least 2 of the 5 symptom areas listed below:

  1. Worsened ability to take in and remember new information, for example repetitive questions or conversations, misplacing personal belongings, forgetting events or appointments or getting lost on a familiar route.
  2. Impairments to reasoning, complex tasking, exercising judgment: poor understanding of safety risks, inability to manage finances, poor decision-making ability, and inability to plan complex or sequential activities.
  3. Impaired visuospatial abilities (but not, for example, due to eye sight problems): inability to recognize faces or common objects or to find objects in direct view, and inability to operate simple implements, or orient clothing to the body.
  4. Impaired speaking, reading and writing: difficulty with thinking of common words while speaking, hesitations, speech, spelling, and writing errors.
  5. Changes in personality and behavior, for example: out-of-character mood changes, including agitation; less interest, motivation or initiative; apathy; social withdrawal, loss of empathy, compulsive, obsessive or socially unacceptable behavior.

I know what you think by now: When you have a busy life that is you are always on the go, you already show some symptoms of this scary disease!

Well, let me tell you this: You may be right about having too much to do. But there may be another underlying reason-You may have an early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Genetics are behind early-onset familial Alzheimer’s disease, which happens typically between the ages of 30 and 60 years and affects people who have a family history of it.

Question: Could Alzheimer’s be prevented through diet?
Answer: It definitely COULD.

According to Dr Thomas Shea, Director of the Center for Cellular Neurobiology and Neurodegeneration Research at the University of Massachusetts, as little as two glasses of fresh apple juice each day could significantly reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s.

This finding about apple benefits is not only a vague statement of his. Dr. Shea has been researching the benefits of apples for years, culminating with a study on humans and the effects of apples in Alzheimer’s in 2006. In that study, 21 participants with Alzheimer’s dementia were given just four ounces of apple juice twice a day for thirty days.

The results on the 72 to 93-year olds were remarkable. The research found that drinking apple juice only three times a week could reduce your risk of the disease by a whopping 75%!

Here’s his scientific explanation of the results:

The antioxidants and flavonoids within apples are credited with the brain-health benefits. These compounds protect the brain from inflammation and damage by free-radicals.

Just two apples a day increase the amount of acetylcholine in the brain—responsible for movement and sensory perception. In addition, regular apple consumption reduces the accumulation of a toxin called beta-amyloid, which is frequently blamed for the development of Alzheimer’s.

I couldn’t agree with this Dr. Shea more!  After reading his advice I started treating myself with only one glass of apple juice daily.
Day in, day out, I feel rejuvenated and springy!

Yet, I want you to be cautious with what you put into your juicer: not all apples are good value for the money. Apples are some of the most highly pesticide-treated fruits!

Purchase organic apples and treat yourself with a freshly-made apple juice at one go.
Stave off the scary Alzheimer’s disease in time!

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