The Beginners Guide to Buying a Burr Coffee Grinder

For any coffee lover, it can be a substantial change when you switch from pre-ground coffee to fresh ground coffee. You will instantly realize that fresh ground coffee gives you an altogether different experience! The problem with the pre-ground coffee is that coffee stales instantly once ground.

There are ways to preserve the fresh flavour to some extent but you can never compare it to fresh ground coffee. It is always better to grind each time when you brew coffee. The freshness of the fresh ground coffee is beyond comparison!

As far as pre-ground coffee is concerned, it loses the flavour gradually over time. It can be the same for bean coffee as well. The problem with grinding is that it increases the overall surface area. And that means more exposure to heat, light and oxygen, thereby losing the flavours. In fact, you will lose the flavours within a few minutes. As we all know, it is really convenient to buy pre-ground coffee. But do you really want to consume stale coffee?

And that is exactly why you need your own coffee grinder. It is also referred to as a coffee mill. This will be really useful in dealing with staling. And you will have the best coffee with all qualities intact each time you brew. However, the problem with grinders is that they are expensive.

Besides, you have plenty of options to choose – and this will only make it hard to pick a grinder for you. In this article, we will learn more about the basics of buying a burr grinder. We intend to offer all the help you need in order to pick the best burr coffee grinder for you.

Burr vs. Blade

Before we learn more about burr grinders, let’s take a look at the lower level tiers of grinders. Blade grinders are really popular. Everyone is familiar with it. Blade grinders operate like a blender. However, the blade works in an indiscriminate manner with the coffee beans. And this is definitely not good since it can result in the inconsistent grind. Having both tiny fines and big pieces will not result in the kind of brew you are looking forward to. In short, blade grinders come with many disadvantages. However, the best thing about a burr grinder is that it provides consistency for different grind sizes.

Extraction rates will be different when you have coffee particles in different sizes. And that is exactly why consistency is extremely important. Extraction of small particles is faster and it’s slower for the larger particles. If the extraction is not done right, your coffee might have a nasty bitter flavour, which you don’t want at all.

Don’t fall for false burrs

Yes, you will come across a lot of burr grinders for a price below $100. You shouldn’t fall for it. Of course, it will give better output compared to blade grinders. But the consistency will still be poor. In that case, you will not be able to experience the best flavour. The problem with false burrs is that you will be disappointed by the sharpness. It’s not sharp enough at all. For the same reason, you should avoid it at any cost.

Is it possible to find inexpensive burr grinder?

We have already told you that burr grinders are expensive in comparison. Of course, you have to stay steer clear of those cheap models as they will do no good. Is it to possible to find quality burr grinder for a lesser price? Yes, you can find budget burr grinder if you are determined to find it. There are avenues where you will find it without much difficulty.

Grinding by hand

Well, hand grinders are one option if you are looking for a less expensive model. If you can live without an electric motor, then hand grinders are going to be the perfect choice for you. The good thing about hand grinders is that they have come a long way over the years. You will find a lot of good models for a price tag below $50. And they offer excellent grind consistency as well, which is an extremely important factor. You will be impressed by the overall performance when it comes to hand grinders.

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