What Benefits Can Nutritional Cleansing Provide?

Although at first glance it is easy to mistake nutritional cleansing as just another ‘detox plan’ or ‘fad diet’, it is actually far different from both. The problem with fad diets and detoxes is that they tend to starve the body nutritionally whereas nutritional cleansing does the opposite and supports the body with the nutrition that it needs instead.

The idea behind nutritional cleansing is twofold: Firstly it will let your body rid itself of toxins and restore itself to a more healthy balance, while (secondly) it also acts as a form of intermittent fasting and promotes weight loss.

Naturally the weight loss that results from nutritional cleansing is one of its most attractive benefits. However unlike many other forms of weight loss that often ‘rebound’ later, the effects of nutritional cleansing are more permanent as it will burn fat and build lean muscle in its place simultaneously. That in turn will boost your metabolism rate, making it more likely that you can sustain your weight loss in the long term.

Recently a study by Dr. Paul Arciero at Skidmore College provided empirical proof of the effectiveness combining intermittent fasting with calorie restriction. It showed that not only did subjects engaged in that combination lose more weight, but they also managed to sustain that weight loss over time.

Another study provided equally compelling evidence when it compared the results of groups of subjects on the Isagenix nutritional cleanse against those on the much-acclaimed ‘Healthy Heart’ diet. Over the course of 10 weeks the group on Isagenix lost more weight, with a greater proportion of that weight loss consisting of body fat.

Suffice to say the effects of nutritional cleansing on weight loss are well-documented – but it is far from its only benefit.  All the major organ systems should benefit as you rid your body of toxins, including the immune system, liver, brain, digestive system and blood sugar levels.

By improving how your body functions across the board, nutritional cleansing is able to tackle many existing health issues. Additionally it will increase your energy levels, focus and drive – equipping you with the tools to shift from a sedentary to active lifestyle.

Now that Isagenix has been launched in the UK, its 30 day weight loss solution is the perfect place to start. By using nutritional cleansing it can help you with weight management as well as sports performance due to the effect it will have on your energy levels and overall physical capabilities.

What really clinches the deal as far as Isagenix is concerned however is that it is a truly risk-free proposition. If you purchase Isagenix for the first time, you will be eligible for a 30-day money back guarantee that can be claimed even if you’ve used the product after buying it.

In other words you could try it out and observe its benefits firsthand without any risk on your part as you could always claim your money back if you aren’t satisfied.

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