Build A Whole-House Fan At Home And Say Goodbye To Your A/C

Are you tired of sneezing and coughing at the beginning of every summer season because you just can’t use to your air condition at home?

You are lucky you haven’t developed an allergy yet. However, you are not the only one ending up with a bad cold in the middle of summer.

Luckily, we have a great solution for you. The video below will help you get rid of your cold, cough in no time! There is actually a real life without having to use an air-conditioner at home, and still be okay with that.

You might be tired of listening to your neighbor about his excellent way of cooling his house, and you didn’t believe it, until now. You keep hearing: Why don’t you try a whole-house fan to replace your air conditioner?

Whole-house fans are a real thing! They do work and in an excellent way! It might look or seem old-fashioned to you, but these fans are gaining popularity recently.

They are very popular because of their efficiency and simplicity, which is why so many people have tried using them instead of air conditioning.

They work in this way: one strong fan draws cooler air in the early morning and early evening through open windows and doors and forces it out the roof vents.

The hot air is thus sent up and outside, which makes your house, including your attic, cool. It not only makes your house cool, but it also takes the humid air out of your house in no time.

When your house is cooled down, you can close all of your windows and turn the fan off, so that the cool air does not escape.  The video will show you how to lower your electricity bill using an old box fan and a piece of plywood.

What is the best thing about a whole-house fan?

Whole-house fans save a lot of energy, although they are very powerful and noisy. To be exact, they use 90% less energy than the air conditioner.

They usually draw between 200 and 700 watts, which is in other words around 10% to 15% of the power that the central air conditioner draws (2,000 to 5,000 watts).

You just need to live in a place with a dry climate, cool mornings and evenings, and you can say goodbye to your air conditioner forever. In less than an hour, you will get your house cooled down.  Another great thing is that they are extremely easy to install.

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