Can Flirting Be Good For Your Health?

Flirting is the age-old way of letting someone know you find them attractive. But did you know there are actually health benefits to indulging in this pastime?

First of all, it’s important to define exactly what constitutes flirting. Although it’s an activity most commonly associated with potential sexual partners teasing one another, there is more to it than that. Much more. In fact, in most instances flirting has nothing to do with sex at all and is totally platonic.

Flirting in business

When we flirt, we are stepping outside the normal channels of communication. There can be any number of reasons for doing this but a common arena where it happens is in work situations. It becomes a way of diffusing a situation, or of lightening a mood.

How about this scenario? A female manager might be delegating work to someone in her team that she knows will be unpopular. In approaching her colleague she could well lower the tone of her voice into an apologetic purr, fluttering her eyelashes as she places a huge stack of files onto her victim’s desk.

Her behavior might well exude a modicum of sexual tension, but what she is actually doing is anything but suggestive. She is using her feminine wiles to take the sting out of dumping a task on a subordinate. Male managers might employ similar techniques, adopting a much more coy and informal persona in order to manipulate female staff into performing certain assignments.

Sales reps are expert at using subtle techniques to entice potential customers. Here’s another scenario. A female rep confidently strides into a meeting with products to demonstrate, high heels clicking. She leans over, ensuring the top of the blouse she has so carefully left unbuttoned leave little to the imagination. Along with charm and humor this will combine to have a hypnotic effect. Men will adopt the same type of performance, using subtle body language as a means of enticing their targets.

Healthy flirting

So how is flirting actually good for your health? There have been scientific studies conducted into the correlation between feeling positive and keeping in good health. Because flirting is essentially about channeling sexual energy, it gets pulses racing. So it’s not just putting a spring in your step, it’s almost like a form a light cardiovascular exercise, giving a jolt of excitement that’s not that distant from the rush of an adventure sport!

Those working in office situations, spending long hours staring into computer screens, will find that flirting is not just a pleasant distraction. It will give their body adrenaline boosts. Each time this happens, there will be a natural increase in the flow of blood, heightening other senses. It has even been suggested that short-term spikes in blood pressure can have a knock-on effect on the immune system.

Putting a smile on your face

In any situation where these forms of communication are being used it benefits both parties. To the person who is flirting, it gives them confidence. It can be good for their business, leaving them buoyant and feeling successful. To whoever is on the receiving end, being flirted with is also a boost. It pushes buttons, making them feel valued – even if there is a degree of manipulation involved.

With all this positivity, negative thoughts are pushed to the back of minds. It would be a sweeping statement to say that flirting can counter depression, but there’s no doubt that anything that puts a smile on people’s faces is better than something that brings them down.

There may be situations where you actually crave some personal attention. Anyone who has just experienced the end of a relationship can be left with feelings of gloom and emptiness. Flirting is a surefire way of banishing those break-up blues. You might initially be reminded of this phrase you’re probably sick of hearing from friends: “relax, there are plenty of fish in the sea.” But a bit of attention from an attractive stranger will remind you that this saying is grounded in fact.

Some getting into flirting themselves again, picking on singletons. Others pluck up the courage to flirt with married women. All this activity will really restore confidence.

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