Healthy Food & Nutritions

Healthy Food & Nutritions

This Pineapple Juice Recipe Is 5 Times More Effective Than Cough...

Here's how to make this natural healing syrup, which helped most patients susceptible to coughing. Remember to use ready-made juice with high dry content of pineapple

USDA Approves GMO Apples – Here’s How To Know The Difference!

Scientists are modifying crops genetically in order to increase the plants’ resistance to pests, to harvest a better crop and to reduce the time needed...

How To Grow Your Own Turmeric. It Is FAR Better Than...

Turmeric is considered one of the world’s healthiest foods. Turmeric’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties also make it great for cleaning and treating wounds, and its anti-inflammatory properties work well against joint pain and arthritis.

Everything You Need To Know About Honey Is Here

Honey is mix of organic acids, amino acids, enzymes, pollen, enteric oil, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals in small quantities (especially vitamins B1, B2...

Here Is How To Grow Green Onions Indefinitely

Do you want to grow scallions indefinitely? If the answer is yes, then follow this short tutorial and always have them at hand.

Study Finds Beer Compound to Protect the Brain, Prevent Alzheimer’s

A recent study, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, states: “Xanthohumol, a polyphenol chalcone from hops has received increasing attention due to its multiple...

9 Delicious Breadless Sandwich Ideas That Will Make You Drool

A growing number of people have given up bread for a good reason. If you are unable to bake it yourself, then your options to eat a loaf of heathy bread are very limited.

Sniffing Rosemary Can Increase Memory By 75%!

There was a study conducted on rosemary where groups of people were given rosemary essential oil. The results were remarkable: people had 75% chances of remembering things, compared with people who were not given rosemary essential oil!

Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Limes

Many a times, limes have been taken as being the same as lemons and many people cannot really make a difference, since if it is a type of citric fruit they perceive all of them as one.

This Amazing Herb Repels Mosquitos,Better Than DEET And… IT ISN’T TOXIC...

This amazing plant is more than just a candy for your eyes, offering a safe escape from pesky mosquitoes, horse and deer flies, ticks and various other insects, all without the need to apply poisons to your skin!