Warning: This Plant In The Home Can Kill A Child In...

“I have already lost my angel 3 years of age. She mistakenly swallowed a piece of poisonous plant. Her tongue becomes huge and she passed away within a few minutes. This poisonous plant snatched my child’s life, so I want to prevent more deaths owning to this, or other similar toxic plants,” says a desperate mother who lost her child to this adorable-looking plant.

Drink These 3 Smoothies for Breakfast and Lose Weight like Crazy

So, instead of your regular rich breakfast, make these super-delicious smoothies your breakfast or supper, and shed pounds gradually and naturally!

How To Plant Sweet Potatoes Indoors

Planting indoors can be a real fun! That is why we prepared an indoor planting project for the upcoming week. You can get your kitchen windowsill overrun with plants in various stages and you are going to love it!

How To Build Your Own Natural Swimming Pool – Complete Guide!

The tutorial includes tips on pool zoning, sealing the pool, natural filtration, algae control, and maintenance.
hydrogen peroxide uses

25 Mind-Blowing Hydrogen Peroxide Uses

Hydrogen peroxide (its chemical formula is H202) is a colorless liquid, only a little more viscous than water. On sight, it actually looks exactly like water. It has powerful oxidizing properties, which allows it to work as a bleaching agent.As anyone who has ever bleached their hair knows, hydrogen peroxide reacts with melanin to oxidize it and convert it into a compound which is free of color.

Urban Farms Have 5 MOST POWERFUL LESSONS To Teach You!

Are you in the midst of starting up a food or urban-farming initiative in your community? If so, take the lessons learned from leaders in the urban-farming movement to make a difference in your own community.

This Holy Man Claims He Hasn’t Eaten In Over 75 Years...

The 83-years old man, Prahlad Jani, who lives in a cave, close to the Amba JI Temple, has stopped eating or drinking anything since he was 7!

Watch Out! GMO Potatoes Are Taking Over Markets’ Shelves. Here Is...

How to avoid GMO potatoes:The best way to avoid GMOs is by simply going for organic (whenever possible). Organic food is a bit pricier than other food, but sometimes we shouldn`t save money on something that might improve our health

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Successfully cultivating dinner-table vegetables in containers is always possible, but there are some that are ‘superstars’ in pots, since they grow easily and produce heavily in there.

10 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Decorate Your Home With Plants!

Your home will never be a cozy and warm place, if you don’t have something or someone to come back to. It’s extremely healthy and positive if you have living things in your house...