Why I choose India As a Destination for Hair Transplant?

Most of us tend to take our health a little too lightly until we come across a major setback that causes a significantly drastic effect. The same is the case when it comes to one of the most important aspect of our aesthetic health that is our ‘hair’.

We all desire to look our best every morning and a healthy scalp with beautiful hair is one of the most essential accessories we wish to be adorned with every day. However, not all of us are fortunate enough and many of us have to deal with mild to severe hair loss problems that often lead to male-pattern baldness.

 Hair loss is a serious concern for those who are suffering from it on a regular basis and can extensively harm the self-confidence and personality of any individual. The reason for hair loss can be either hereditary or a result of poor lifestyle including diet and nutrition. In my case, since it was the former one, I took extra care to maintain the health of my hair since childhood itself.

However, as fate would have it, the hereditary-pattern baldness trend in my family (that is a common cause of baldness in men) soon hit me as well and within no time, I started losing out on a significant amount of hair strands every day around the age of 29. PANICKED! For few days, I soon started my research work online to find out the causes and remedies to bring a solution to the problem.

After a couple of hours in the research, what I learnt was that hereditary male-pattern baldness is not truly a disease, it is rather a natural condition that is caused due to a combination of factors such as genetics, hormone levels in the body and the aging process. Various researchers stated in articles and reports, that almost 45% men suffer from hair loss and thinning as they age, however it was also mentioned that in most cases, many men start suffering from hair loss in their mid-20’s to 30’s.

While I was scrolling through the remedies or treatment procedures, the one that caught my attention was hair transplant. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles from parts of the scalp called the donor site (mostly area at the back and side of the head) are moved to a bald or balding site, called the recipient site. There are two methods that are followed for the procedure and they are: FUT (Follicular unit transplantation) and FUE (follicular unit extraction). FUE is of more modern technique and uses modern technology, with minimal discomfort and is widely followed across many treatment clinics worldwide.

Impressed by the treatment and its results, I decided to continue my research and realised that the procedure is way too expensive to be afforded in my homeland i.e. the United Kingdom. Determined to not to get disheartened, I kept my search on to look for more options and found that India is a reputable, reasonable and famous destination for hair transplant.

I kept reading further on the hair transplant cost in India and got acquainted to a medical tourism agency that assists patients from across the globe for hair transplant treatment in India. The staff from the agency briefed me in detail through which I came to know that India is widely renowned for cost-effective medical procedures and offers hair transplant packages at much affordable cost as compared to most of the western countries.

In addition to this, I was also informed that the technology used for the hair transplant procedure would be latest at nearly 1/4th the cost of the treatment in U.K. Initially when I was looking for hair transplant in UK, most of the clinics offered the treatment at a price ranging between 10,000 £to 12,000 £, whereas in India, the hair transplant cost in India starts from Rs 35000 and can go upto Rs 1 lakh, that is almost 75% cheaper than the cost in foreign countries.

Taking a note of all the positives of doing a hair transplant in India, I booked my appointment with one of the top hair transplant doctor in India with the help of the medical tourism agency that agreed to be my companion throughout my journey in India from start to end of the treatment. With a bundle of mixed thoughts in mind, I landed in Mumbai, India where I was greeted by a representative from the agency that I appointed for my treatment. After a warm welcome, I was given a firm assurance that I will be guided through the treatment procedure.

The following day, I met my doctor whose knowledge and expertise assured me that he is one of the most experienced hair transplant doctors in India. The doctor first made me comfortable and briefed in detail about the procedure and then moved to assess my hair condition. After a thorough analysis, he suggested the most advanced and minimally invasive FUE hair transplant method to me.

After some preliminary tests, I was told that I am fit to go for the surgery within the next two days. On the day of surgery, I was given local anaesthesia and did not feel any discomfort. The entire procedure took around 5-6 hours to wind up.

The procedure was successful and both of us (the team of the doctor and me)were happy with the success of the procedure. As per the advice, I took a day’s rest and the next day I was on my flight back to UK. During the briefing session, thedoctors had told me that it might take 3-6 months for the hair to re-grow and show results.

Wondering what is the result and did I get my hair back? Well, I am happy with the outcome so far. I can see the hair re-growth taking place. I intermittently send the photographs of my progress to my hair transplant doctor in India, so that he can also map my developments.

After this personal experience, now I can confidently suggest the option of hair transplant in India to my friends and acquaintances. Concluding it, I would like to mention that India is a must place to consider to opt for hair transplant for various reasons including the cost, the expertise of the doctor and the modernistic technologies that bring out effective results.

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