How to Choose RV Toilet Paper to Ensure the Health of the Whole Family when Traveling?

You may think that finding the best toilet paper that you and your family can use while traveling in your RV is easy and simple. However, take note that it is actually a complex process as your and your family’s health and comfort are at stake. You don’t want to end up buying generic RV toilet papers that resemble the texture of sandpapers, right?

Also, take note that the best RV toilet paper is crucial to maintaining the excellent health of your vehicle’s plumbing system and black tank. So how can you choose the perfect RV toilet paper to ensure the health of the whole family when you are traveling? Here are some factors to keep in mind:


One vital factor to consider in selecting a good toilet paper for RV is the dissolvability of each of your options. Find one, which is known for being quick to dissolve. Note that the faster the toilet paper dissolves, the better it is. If you are unsure how to determine the level of dissolvability of this product, you can do what we call as the dissolvability test.

It is a test, which will let you know in just one day whether your chosen product is indeed RV-friendly and safe. You can do it by following simple steps. The first one is to take a jar or container then fill it up with water.

Put a single sheet of the paper into the container with water. Shake the container once then let it set for at least one day. After that, you should check whether the toilet paper is almost or fully dissolved. If it is, then it is definitely a good choice. However, if it does not dissolve during that period, then it would be best to look for another brand.

Is it chlorine-free?

Another thing you have to consider is whether or not the toilet paper is chlorine-free. If you are planning to use recycled toilet papers, then make sure that the manufacturing process does not involve the use of chlorine, especially in making the product white.

Note that chlorine is not safe for you and your family. In addition, you can’t consider paper bleached using chlorine as friendly to the environment since chlorine is actually a pollutant that can damage water and air.


Look for a toilet paper, which is strong enough, too, that it can handle at least three times as much pressure when you compare it to the weak ones. It should be strong enough that it does not rip that easily. Also, figure out how hard you will most likely need to pull sheets without tearing them.


Another important factor that should matter in your final decision is the softness of the toilet paper. I highly advise checking the softness of the toilet paper in controlled conditions – ex. in a room with controlled humidity and temperature. What you have to do first is to make light and circular motions of every toilet paper sample.

Drag your fingers softly over the paper in straight lines. Doing both these steps aids in forming a good impression of softness. You can then test the pliability of the paper by manipulating it gently into a ball.

You’ll know that the paper is rough and stiff if it results in cracks and ridges. On the other hand, it has a desirable softness if it conforms smoothly to your hand.


Choosing a good RV toilet paper can help ensure the safety and good health of your entire family while you’re out traveling. With that in mind, make sure that the following factors above are considered when searching for a really good one. Make sure that the toilet paper won’t sacrifice everyone’s comfort, too. Please visit for more details.

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