How To Use Cilantro As Medicine: Detox Your Body of Heavy Metals & Beat Chronic Inflammation


Arabs consider it a potent aphrodisiac. Others perceive it as a medicinal herb. It is known as Chinese or Mexican parsley, or cilantro! No matter the name, it is cilantro’s miraculous medicinal benefits that are of interest to us! Cilantro purifies our bodies – how true is that?!

What Is Cilantro?

Cilantro facts – there might be some confusion about cilantro and coriander – are they one and the same thing? Basically, cilantro plant produces coriander seeds. In other words, the plant Coriandrum Sativum is called cilantro in its initial vegetative stages while after blooming and developing seeds it is referred to as coriander. The plant is also known by its other names:  Arab parsley, Coriandri Fructus, Dhanyaka.

Cilantro / coriander use – cilantro is allegedly a miraculous medicinal plant used to treat various health issues. It is good against loss of appetite, food poisoning or upset stomach (bowel spasms, intestinal gas).

Additionally, it aids in treatment of hemorrhoids, worms, joint pain and toothaches! Even fungus and bacteria caused infections are said to be treated successfully by cilantro. Cilantro is a culinary spice, a flavoring agent in medicines and a fragrance in cosmetics.

Cilantro Health Benefits

Important medicinal cilantro features are:

  • promotes healthy skin
  • purifies heavy metals in your body
  • decreases cholesterol
  • lowers blood sugar levels
  • drifts bodily fluids
  • affects kidneys positively

The renowned cardiologist Dr. Omura accidentally found a way to remove heavy metals from your body effectively. During a study with a group of subjects, he asked for regular cilantro soup consumption.  

With time, it turned out that cilantro significantly decreased level of metals such as mercury, lead and aluminum in patients’ bodies. Their body detoxification happened via urinary tract while their overall kidney function was improved within 2-3 weeks!  What is more, cilantro might be a perfect solution for people who hold too much moisture and are more prone to obesity.

Cilantro Side Effects

Are there any side-effects to cilantro? Cilantro is predominantly safe but can anyway cause some minor side effects with:

  • Breast-feeding – often used advice is to avoid cilantro when breast-feeding or pregnant (another opposite opinion is that it stimulates milk-production during breast-feeding!).
  • Diabetes – cilantro lowers blood sugar levels. If you suffer from diabetes and you use cilantro in your diet, it is advisable to monitor your blood sugar levels closely.
  • Sun sensitivity and allergic reactions – cilantro can cause mild skin irritation and inflammation
  • Low blood pressure – cilantro decreases blood pressure so it is advisable to use it cautiously if you have low blood pressure.

Cilantro Detox Salad Recipe

The cheapest way to extract heavy metals from your body is to prepare a simple cilantro detox drink, tea, soup or salad! So here is a quick and easy salad recipe for your body detoxification (further below you can find a cilantro detox drink):


  • 2 cucumbers
  • 20-30 gr of finely chopped cilantro
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1-2 green onions
  • 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon of flex seeds
  • Salt and pepper (to own taste)


Wash and peel the cucumbers and cut into chunks (if you prefer, you can leave the skin on). Finely chop previously washed green onions, garlic and cilantro – add to the cucumbers into the bowl.

Gradually add the rest of the ingredients – olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and the flex seeds. Mix all of the ingredients and consume your detox salad every day at least for 2 weeks for better effects! 

Cilantro Drink Recipe For Detox


  • 30-50 gr of cilantro leaves
  • 2 apples
  • 2 carrots
  • Juice of 2 lemons
  • 200-300 ml water


Wash your apples and peel off the skin. Cut into chunks. Clean your carrots. Wash cilantro leaves and chop. Put cilantro, apples and carrots into your juicer and juice.

When you have your fresh juice, simply add fresh lemon juice and water and mix well. Drink in the mornings for min. 2 weeks. If the cilantro taste is too strong, you can add more water or apples for sweetness.


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