Cilantro Can Remove 80% Of Heavy Metals From The Body Within 42 Days.Here Is What You Need To Do


Cilantro or Coriandrum sativum is an annual herb from the family Apiaceae.  You can eat all parts of cilantro, but fresh leaves and dried seeds are most often used in cooking.

Cilantro is one of the most popular Mediterranean herbs. This herb is used to prepare savory dishes all around the world. Cilantro is packed with many chemical compounds which are known to be effective in preventing diseases and promoting healthy body.

Cilantro is very effective in toxic metal cleaning and that’s why it is known as a powerful cleansing agent.  The chemical compounds found in cilantro bind to toxic metals and loosen them from the tissue. People who have exposure to mercury and were consuming large or regular amounts of cilantro over some period of time have said that there has been reduction of the feeling of disorientation.

Cilantro is packed with lot of minerals like: calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and manganese. It also contains high amount of vitamins K and A. Cilantro has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antifungal properties and it can help in reducing inflammation and infection and clear your system.

How to Use Cilantro?

You can easily include cilantro in your everyday use. You can blend a handful of fresh, organic cilantro into your daily smoothie. Add some chopped cilantro into your soups and sauces.  Mix freshly chopped and sautéed cilantro leaves into your green salad.

Try This Cilantro Inflammation- Busting Recipe

  • ½ c organic apple juice
  • ½ c packed chopped fresh organic cilantro
  • 1 teaspoon of wheatgrass powder (any other green powder works fine too)
  • ½ c water

Mix all the ingredients in a blender until the mixture becomes smooth.


Cilantro Essential Oil

Cilantro oil is extracted from the leaves of the cilantro. It has fresh and slightly citrusy aroma. Cilantro oil is mostly used in cooking for adding some flavor but it also has many powerful cleansing and detoxifying properties.

Here Are Some of the Benefits of Cilantro Essential Oil

  1. Helps digestion

Cilantro oil encourages the production of digestive enzymes. It also contains fiber which is a key to improved digestion. Cilantro oil is also very beneficial for digestive disorders and stomach upsets.

  1. Sooths the skin

Cilantro oil has nice and cooling effect which is great for disinfecting minor wounds and cuts.

  1. Detoxifies the body

Cilantro oil is powerful in a process of pulling toxins and heavy metals from your body. It’s great for detoxification.

  1. Reduces inflammation

Cilantro oil is very beneficial in reducing inflammation due to its components. Cineole is intended to help prevention of inflammation while linoleic acid helps rheumatism and arthritis.

  1. Reduces blood pressure

You can reduce blood pressure by rubbing some cilantro oil on your skin or by inhaling it through an oil diffuser. Cilantro oil acts as vasodilator. This means that the essential oil will cause blood vessels (arteries and veins) to widen, thus allowing more blood to pass more easily through the vessels and travel around the body. This means that more blood will fit through at once, so the heart will get a bit more of a break.

  1. Improves cardiovascular health

Cilantro oil is packed with vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. It can help in lowering bad cholesterol and in eliminating cholesterol buildup in the arteries.

  1. Treats anxiety

Cilantro oil contains B vitamins which have relaxing and calming properties for the nerves and is efficient in reducing anxiety. Fight stress by drinking a mix of cilantro oil and cucumber juice.

  1. Cleanses the liver and kidneys

Mix cilantro oil with lemon essential oil and make a powerful combination that will help you detox the liver and kidneys.

  1. Acts as an antihistamine

Cilantro oil acts as an antihistamine which helps people who are suffering from allergies and hay fever.


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