Coconut Oil: 105 Amazing Ways To Improve Your Health

This might sound unbelievable but is totally true! Imagine an extremely affordable miraculous potion that can heal your skin, whiten your teeth, help you lose weight but also polish your furniture! Well, you might even have it in your kitchen cabinet without being aware of its versatile and brilliant uses! What is it?  

It is his majesty – the Virgin Coconut Oil!  Judging by the numerous headlines, coconut oil is extremely multi-functional for your household and is tremendously beneficial for your health and appearance.  

We have gathered 105 of coconut oil uses for you on a row!

Find out what you can do with your own pot of coconut oil! Read on and be amazed! 

What Is Coconut Oil?  

Before we dive into the ultimate 105 greatness reasons to simply adore coconut oil, let’s firstly discover some fun trivia:

Coconut oil originates from India, Indonesia and Philippines but the main importers of coconut oil are the USA and Europe  

Coconut grows on the coconut palm or Cocos nucifera, only in tropical and subtropical areas.Coconut tree can produce 30 to 125 coconuts per year, each up to 1.5 kilos. The tree can bear fruit for 60 years

Coconut water is 95% water and contains some sugar, fiber and protein. Coconut water contains little or no saturated fat. There are 19 kilocalories per 100 milliliters ·       Coconut oil is the fat obtained by squeezing the white flesh of coconut, consisting of no less than 34% of this fat ·      

Coconut milk is coconut water mixed with coconut meat. Coconut milk contains a lot of calories and saturated fat  

Why Is Coconut Oil Healthy? 

Coconut oil consists of saturated fats! For some, this immediately sets off the alarm as saturated fats are known to raise our cholesterol levels and thus ensure an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Shouldn’t we better stay away from coconut oil altogether?!   Actually not, we should do quite the opposite!

So why is coconut oil healthy if it consists mainly of saturated fats?

Because more scientific research shows that not all saturated fats are bad and that we even need such fats to function properly!  Research also shows that lauric acid in coconut raises the level of good HDL cholesterol in your blood. This brings your cholesterol levels in balance. 

Coconut oil helps to improve the function of your thyroid and therefore you have less chance of high cholesterol. Also, the digestive system is stimulated by the presence of coconut based fats. 

Coconut oil is thus a very suitable fat to eat regularly – it contains relatively few calories, is easy to digest and keeps blood sugar levels stable.   

105 Amazing Coconut Oil Benefits! You might wonder by now – why is coconut oil so superb?

As you will see here, because it is extremely beneficial for your skin, hair, teeth, bones, nails, weight loss but also for babies and pets.  It is additionally a versatile home remedy and a yummy, rich-tasting ingredient in various recipes. Why? Let’s find out! 

How Coconut Oil Improves Your Overall Health  

1.Coconut oil – boosts your energy (add it to your smoothies)

2. Coconut oil – improves your metabolism (add it to your coffee or tea

3. Coconut oil – promotes your thyroid function

4. Coconut oil – fights cold and coughing (in syrup, home-made vapor rub or cough drops)

5. Coconut oil – relieves cold sores

6. Coconut oil – assists your weight loss

7. Coconut oil – is said to combat Alzheimer’s disease

8. Coconut oil – optimizes massage effects and brings overall benefits to your skin

9. Coconut oil – improves your digestion

10. Coconut oil – is a natural lubricant

11. Coconut oil – useful during pregnancy for skin elasticity (as a belly balm)

12. Coconut oil – helps fight parasites

13. Coconut oil – helps against yeast infections

14. Coconut oil – reduced “bad” cholesterol (LDL)

15. Coconut oil – brings constipation relief

16. Coconut oil – reduces heartburn

17. Coconut oil – assists in a good night’s sleep 

18. Coconut oil – combats fungus and vaginal infections 

19. Coconut oil  – prevents kidney stones formation 

20.Coconut oil – assists in diabetes treatment (stabilizes blood sugar level and improves insulin production) 

21.Coconut oil – protects your bones and teeth

22.Coconut oil – assists in a better magnesium and calcium intake

23.Coconut oil – protects your liver (triglycerides and fatty acids in coconut oil have your liver working less hard)

24.Coconut oil – kills bacteria and viruses (influenza, herpes and hepatitis)

25.Coconut oil – combats Candida symptoms

26.Coconut oil – relieves allergy symptoms  27.Coconut oil “pulling” – positively affects your gums, mouth flora and whitens teeth 28.Coconut oil – reduces varicose veins 29.Coconut oil – reduces hemorrhoids pain  30.Coconut oil – helps with weight loss (regular intake)

31.Coconut oil – combats psoriasis and eczema symptoms


How to Improve Your Appearance with Coconut Oil

 32.Coconut oil – moisturizes your skin

33.Coconut oil – used for making lotions

34.Coconut oil – makes great whitening toothpaste (in combination with baking soda powder)

35.Coconut oil – keeps your armpits fresh and clean (is a great natural deodorant)

36.Coconut oil – is a great base for a gentle body or facial scrub

37.Coconut oil – keeps your lips soft and smooth (as a natural lip balm)

38.Coconut oil – nourishes your hair (as a hair packaging treatment)

39.Coconut oil – replaces your chemical makeup removers

40.Coconut oil – tames your frizzy and dry hair

41.Coconut oil – is beneficial to your nails as a natural cuticle cream

42.Coconut oil – repairs and softens cracked skin

43.Coconut oil – detangles your hair

44.Coconut oil – is a great hair conditioner

45.Coconut oil – prevents and eradicates dandruff

46.Coconut oil – prevents and reduces nail fungus

47.Coconut oil – heals skin in case of cuts and scrapes

48.Coconut oil – reduces and prevents cracked heels symptoms

49.Coconut oil – helps with dry and sore nostrils (cold or allergy induced)

50.Coconut oil – reduces swelling and skin inflammation

51.Coconut oil – promotes eyelashes growth

52.Coconut oil – softens dry and dark elbows

53.Coconut – prevents hangnail

54.Coconut oil – is an organic anti-aging cream against fine lines

55.Coconut oil – heals and moisturizes your tattoos

56.Coconut oil – freshens your breath (combined with mint extract)

57.Coconut oil – combats athlete’s foot symptoms

58.Coconut oil – soothes chapped lips or nose

59.Coconut oil – reduces eyes bags and dark circles

60.Coconut oil – reduces age or sun spots

61.Coconut oil – is a natural sunscreen protection 

62.Coconut oil – is an intensive, nourishing night cream 

63.Coconut oil – combats lice (if mixed with vinegar) 

64.Coconut oil – lightens your dark pigmentation spots 

65.Coconut oil – prevents and reduces stretch marks  

66.Coconut oil – is a natural shaving cream 

67.Coconut oil – reduces cellulite (if used on a regular basis, combined with ground coffee) 68.Coconut oil – relieves mosquito bites  

69.Coconut oil – reduces acne    

Coconut Oil for Your Baby 

70.Coconut oil – is a gentle, soothing, natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic skin cream for babies

71.Coconut oil – is an emergency remedy against diaper rash

72.Coconut oil – soothes and softens cradle cap with babies

Coconut Oil for Your Pet

74.Coconut oil – soothes nose dryness with pets

75.Coconut oil – soothes and heals cracked pet paws

76.Coconut oil – softens horses’ mane

77.Coconut oil – gives shiny coat for your pet

78.Coconut oil – treats skin conditions with animals

Coconut Oil – Your All-Around Household Assistant! 

79.Coconut oil – softens and polishes (leather) furniture

80.Coconut oil – gives shine to your wooden items

81.Coconut oil – removes sticky stuff off furniture or household items

82.Coconut oil – useful as your camping first aid relief (diminishes bug and bee bites)

83.Coconut oil – useful lubricant for your kitchen appliances

84.Coconut oil – useful for snow shovel lubrication (makes your Christmas snow shovel time easier)

85.Coconut oil – removes rusty parts

86.Coconut oil – removes old sticky chewing gum

87.Coconut oil – cleans up your make-up brushes

88.Coconut oil – repels dust (if applied on household items’s surface)

89.Coconut oil – greases your bike parts

90.Coconut oil – lubricates your zippers (if stuck)

91.Coconut oil – removes soap residues in your bathroom

92.Coconut oil – lubricates squeaky and sticky hinges

93.Coconut oil – maintains your leather items and gives shine

94.Coconut oil – is a natural insect repellent lotion (with rosemary extract added, useful for when camping or in your garden) 

95.Coconut oil – gives your eggs longer shelf life and quality (if eggshells are treated with coconut oil)

Coconut Oil  – Your Yummy Kitchen Helper!

Coconut oil is ideal for cooking or baking at high temperatures. Further, coconut oil has an immense potential for kitchen use, namely: 96.Coconut oil – makes a great ingredient for your home-made chocolate  97.Coconut oil – graces oriental cuisine exotic dishes

98.Coconut oil – is a great oil variety for food frying

99.Coconut oil – gives special taste to your coffee or tea

100.Coconut oil replaces butter

101.Coconut oil – gives an exotic taste to your popcorn (and with a dash of curry powder, they will taste like heaven!)

102.Coconut oil – makes your French fries taste even better and crunchier

103.Coconut oil – is a substantial and a nutritious ingredient in your cereal cookies

104.Coconut oil – can be used to make your home-made mayonnaise

105.Coconut oil – gives a soft and rich consistency to your fudge recipes

Some Easy & Effective Coconut Oil Tips and Recipes….

Energy Boost Coconut Shake Recipe

For an energy boost or a meal replacement you simply mix and blend the following: 

Ingredients: ·      

1 tablespoon of coconut oil·      

1 tablespoon of chia seeds ·      

1 banana·      

150-200 ml of milk (rice milk or almond milk are optional)·      

5-6 drops of vanilla extract 

Your energy boost coconut shake will give you all the nutrients and energy to go in the morning or lift you up in the evening (this shake is a great dinner replacement or a post work-out meal body booster). 

Coconut Toothpaste Recipe

Isn’t it just amazing to have white, pearly teeth and a great, bright smile?! I am sure you have always wished your teeth were even whiter than they are now!

Here is a simple but amazing coconut oil & baking soda recipe that will naturally whiten your teeth!


  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • ½ tablespoon of baking soda powder
  • 2-3 drops of mint or tea tree oil extract

Let the coconut oil melt to the room temperature. Mix all the ingredients gently together into a paste (if you need to make it thicker, add some soda powder).

  • Use the paste on a regular basis for minimum 3-4 months (2-3 times per week).
  • Be careful with tea tree oil extract and don’t overdo it, it might be too strong for your teeth. 

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment Recipe

Wash your hair with shampoo and let it dry until your hair is slightly damp ·      

Rub some coconut oil or butter between your fingers and palms until it gets warm ·      

Apply the coconut oil onto your hair (the amount of coconut oil will depend on your hair length)

Rub the coconut oil into your scalp and make sure you cover your hair’s ends too

Get your fingers thoroughly through your hair. Repeat the process until your hair is smooth and shiny from the coconut oil ·      

Then put a shower cap over your hair. This ensures that your hair is kept warm and that the nutritional ingredients beneficial to your hair can actually do their job optimally. Don’t worry, that extra coconut oil will be absorbed properly!

Leave your coconut oil hair mask for almost one hour (if you are impatient or you don’t have enough time, 20-30 minutes will be fine too!). Listen to your favorite fun music or read a book while waiting for the coconut oil to do the work!

Rinse the coconut oil right out of your hair and blow-dry

You will be amazed at noticing how silky and shiny your hair will be!

So, simply be adventurous! Try out some of the above amazing 105 coconut uses and be sure that you will see concrete results and benefits in no time at all!

And don’t forget to share your with your friends – who knows, they might like the coconut king too!


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