Common Treatments for ED

One of the most embarrassing common problems that men experience is erectile dysfunction (ED). There are lots of reasons why it can occur, and knowing the reason is the key to combating the problem and curing it eventually.

We are going to examine some treatments that doctors recommend for this problem, all of which target some of the causes of ED while treating the symptoms of it at the same time.

Weight Loss

The biological factor that creates ED is a problem with blood flow. Now, this can be caused by any number of issues, but if you are overweight, then your heart has to work a lot harder to get the blood where it needs to be. That can make your blood pressure high and can lead to ED, as your heart may not be able to pump out the blood where it needs to be when you are intimate. To achieve an erection, lots of blood has to be supplied to the penis, but if your heart is overworked, that may not happen. Losing weight can definitely help with this problem.


If you exercise, particularly through aerobic exercise, your heart will get stronger. This makes it easier for blood to get where it needs to be and ensures that erectile dysfunction isn’t as much of a problem. If you are having trouble achieving or keeping a reaction, simply working out more often will strengthen your heart and your cardiovascular system, leading to better and stronger blood flow throughout the body.


There are lots of drugs that can help with ED. One of the most commonly recommended ones is Sildenafil. This medication is used to help people be able to exercise more easily. From what we have already discussed, you can see how that might come in handy in treating ED. The drug should be taken about an hour or two before sexual activity, and while it won’t increase sexual desire or cure ED, it can provide the temporary boost necessary to get blood flowing where it should be and relieve the effects of ED. This is really just a temporary solution that will need to be paired with another form of treatment to ensure a cure, and doctors will usually recommend it as a way to get help quickly while working on a long-term cure.

Relieve Stress

If you are preoccupied while engaging in intercourse or you feel stressed, then your body and mind will be tired, and your body may not react the way it should when it is stimulated. You can relieve that stress by listening to relaxing music, talking to your partner about what is causing stress, seeking out therapy to deal with it or simply getting some time alone to yourself where you are not bogged down by worries and work. What relieves your stress will depend on what is causing it, but you should know that treating that stress can help to clear the mental blocks that are creating ED.

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