The Most Creative And Adorable Christmas Commercial Ever! (Video)


December has finally arrived, bringing the festive and merry Christmas season.  People of all ages have their own reasons to look forward to Christmas time. For children, it is surely the presents waiting for them under the sparkly and beautiful Christmas tree and the joyous expectancy of what they will find under the glittery wrapping paper.

Snow on Christmas day is a wonderful addition to the festive atmosphere. People of all ages enjoy the company of dear family members and friends gathered around festive dinner tables.

But amidst all the partying, let us not forget the true meaning of this special time of the year. It is the time when we need to share whatever we have with our neighbors, as an act of remembrance of what God Himself has done for all mankind through the birth of Jesus Christ.

There are a lot of people less fortunate than ourselves, who cannot afford the delicious festive food, wished-for presents for their loved ones, or even a cozy and warm place they can call home. We need to make a decision to share whatever things we have and bring happiness and hope to someone. Sharing and caring is the true message of this holiday.

The latest Sainsbury’s Christmas advertisement delivers this message in an entertaining way that will not fail to touch your hearts and even move you to tears.

In this ad titled “Mog’s Christmas Calamity”, the famous supermarket brings back the lovable cat Mog, which is a literary creation of a well-know author for children, Judith Kerr.

The video begins with a serene scene of the Thomas family home, all beautifully ornamented and prepared for the festivities. While the family members are sleeping soundly, the mischievous cat Mog is being woken up from his nightmare, realizing that something is burning in the oven.

This event causes Mog to create a series of clumsy actions, in which he entirely wrecks the decorations, overturns all the dishes, breaks the furniture and destroys the home.  

In all that chaos, he somehow accidentally dials 999, calling the fire brigade to the rescue.The firemen manage to save the family and what has remained of the burnt down home just in time, giving Mog all the credits for the timely reaction.

And what happens with the ruined Christmas dinner? All the neighbors decide to gather together, help tidy up and share their festive dinners with the family.

The video will surely make you laugh and it will probably make you cry as well if you take a moment to ponder its deep message.   

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