Healing Crystals FOR Your Plant, Flower And Vegetable Gardens

All natural herbs pulse with a beautiful plant aura that can be magnified when they are combined with their ‘soulmate crystals,’ so to speak. In such way, Mother Nature’s bounty can be a wonderful benefit for their growth and regeneration.

When placing these natural minerals at the base of any plant or burying them alongside your growing vegetables, they are a good source of encouragement (and even spirituality) for your heavy duty.

This below is the list of minerals used in the garden:

1.Boji stones:


These stones have become a registered ‘trademark of stones’ discovered in the U.S. state of Colorado. The so-called female samples are smooth-sided while their male counterparts have small protrusion on the one side. This ‘pair of stones’ is mainly composed of pyrite and palladium, and have been used to facilitate vegetal growth and encourage “telecommunication” among plants.

2. Agate (Moss):

It is a see-through stone that has patches of other minerals, making it look like it has foliage in its matrix. These cute stones can make a decorative border around any plant species or around any flower bed.

3. Cerussite:

3This mineral sometimes resembles a tree, branching out with icicles. So, it has been used purposely in gardens and fields to help in infestation. It can be used to charge and defend house plants as well.

4. Daphnite:


Cultivars of flora, agricultural associations and farmers have been using it as a ‘stone of transformation and transmutation.’ It appears that this stone facilitates the “communication” within the plant world in order to enhance the green life in gardens, back yards, balcony greenery, atriums, crop fields, etc.

5. Fossils:

5Fossils used to be soft organic materials that have hardened to stones. Minerals incorporate into the soft and bony structures of animals, insects, shells, wood, and other forms of living entities. So, fossils are a “stamp” of past life that can be used to adorn any garden, indoor or outdoor potted plants… Their high mineral content is said to supplement any type of planting and cropping.

6. Quartz:


It is a very unusual crystal since it is considered a “solidified light” and oxygen. Quartz crystals encompass a large family of stones and crystals, all of which are made up primarily of silicon dioxide – one of the most common and most important substances in the world. This mineral is found in over 2/3 of the earth, and can be used in many modes throughout your garden. It certainly creates beautiful sparkling borders!

Here are several modes:

  • Bury a few quartz stones facing upward next to your potted plants.
  • Lay some clear-quartz tumbled stones alongside your flower garden.
  • Use an elixir (see below) of quartz and water your plants with it.
  • Make a crystal grid (see below) around your field or plant beds to encourage growth, harmony and transform energy waves.

7. Sphene: 


It is an interesting mineral that grows in plate-like form or wedge-shaped form and has been used in grids (see below) to encourage growth.

8. Tourmaline (the green type):


You probably do not know that it is a healing stone that some gem healers consider the strongest of all green stones! That is why it has been used to achieve balance in all areas. Herbalists, botanists, ordinary gardeners and farmers have all used this stone to increase the effectiveness of herbs’ healing properties.

The green tourmaline is even said to hold the “essence of the plant kingdom” within itself, so it is used to conduct energy between the earth and the plants during their growth.

Creating a garden grid with your precious stones:

A ‘grid’ is called any “sacred” geometrical pattern in which to arrange the selected stones. Then they are consciously “activated” by connecting a ‘line of light’ from stone to stone so that they radiate an energy field in the immediate environment in which they are placed.

Those of you who are “energy-sensitive” will be able to tell immediately that there is a wave of energy in the area where you construct a grid. There will be felt either a gentle shift of energy or a very tangible one, depending on the stones you choose for the grid.

Creating a “sacred space:”

People live and work in a variety of environments. These environments have a specific function to meet that can be consciously and energetically supported. For example, the current attention on Feng Shui tradition and other getting-the-energy-in-the-room-right techniques have shown that we, as an advanced society, are becoming more aware of how our immediate spaces can be harmonious or not with our goals.

So, constructing a Crystalline Grid in your garden or other environment that supports the function of that particular area is another way to contribute to the overall energy flow in there.

You may add a grid that supports harmony in your garden, or that supports general feelings of love and comfort elsewhere. There are no “rights” or “wrongs” to be worried about, just choose the space.

Yet, familiarizing yourself with the various metaphysical properties of minerals can be very helpful for you as you make your choices. First you should make a nice list of stones, and then use a pendulum (swing) to figure out which ones would be the best for you.

The next thing to do is develop a clear purpose of your grid in this way: Hold your crystals in your hands at heart level. Say a prayer of intention or affirmation that will “program” these stones to work their highest good for your garden. Then place them in a formation. Also, consider using sacred symbols around your plants or garden such as a circle, a star, a cross, or a square. Save one crystal before placing it into the earth.

To connect the grid lines start by pointing the last crystal toward the first stone you laid down. Holding it above the grid, draw a line of energy that connects each crystal you have laid out. When you’re done tracing these energy lines over your stones, put the last crystal into the earth.

How to make crystal elixirs:

‘Crystal elixirs’ are the recipes of the ancient past. It is recommended to place clean stones or crystals into clear-distilled water and leave it in the morning sun through the day and into the night for 24 hours.

This allows the sun (male) energy and the moon (female) energy to reflect through the water and into the crystals, thus charging the water with the vibrational energy of light and color.

After 24 hours, pour this elixir into a dark glass bottle and use it for watering your plants, flowers and vegetables. Quartz crystals, clear or rose, amethyst, citrine and smoky all respond very favorably to the water-and-light method. They also offer a complete light spectrum within them, which is the best for healing!

 In short, these are the steps to make a crystal garden:

  • First and foremost, choose crystals that will work for your purpose.
  • Give advantage to crystals you are drawn to.
  • “Program crystals” to their greatest and highest good.
  • Place them in a grid around plants, shrubs and trees.
  • Crystal elixir water can be used to boost your garden life.
  • Use crystals as a border around your plants or herbs.
  • Blend sand (which is high in quartz crystal content) with potting soil.
  • Invoke the elements by coordinating your garden with crystals associated with each season and direction.
  • Enhance plant food with crystals by placing them in the food 24 hours before use.
  • Potted plants and colorful cut flowers make great gifts. You can include one of your garden crystals in the gift.
  • Finally, enjoy the ‘crystal world’ you have created! It does feel GODish!


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