Delicious And Health-Boosting Broccoli-Avocado Soup Recipe

Broccoli Soup

I did not like eating soup as a child despite my mother’s pleas and convictions about how healthy it was for me. I reluctantly ate soups only when I was ill. Otherwise, soup would fill me up to the extent that I would lose appetite for my mom’s delicious main dishes.

Well, things significantly changed when I became a mother. My daughters love eating soups from all kinds of veggies and so does my husband, so I have slowly begun to try out different soup recipes. Not only are soups very healthy, but their preparation is relatively easy and they can serve as a main dish when you do not have the time or the will to cook something else.

What are some of the benefits of eating soup?

It is full of vitamins and minerals and high in fiber

We do not dispose of the water in which the vegetables have been cooked, so all the precious nutrients are kept to a great extent. Additionally, most soups are made from vegetables and lean parts of meat, so the content of protein and satiating fiber is high, making soup a healthy and fulfilling meal.

It warms your body from the inside out

Cold weather can cause us a lot of discomfort. Despite heavy layers of clothes, we may still feel cold to the bone. A bowl of warm soup can do wonders on cold winter days. It elevates your body temperature and spreads warmth all over your body.

It can serve as a main course

A good bowl of soup with lots of vegetables in it and some milk and cream can be as nutritious and filling as any other main dish, which saves you time and energy. It is also relatively easy to prepare and hard to mess up, making it a God-sent meal option when you are busy.

It hydrates your body

We all know the importance of being well-hydrated. Not only does soup provide the necessary liquid intake, but it also facilitates weight loss. Soup satiates your appetite so that you consume a smaller amount of calories during the day, according to a science writer Jack Challoner, who published his study in a BBC News Magazine.

It is a home remedy for cold and flu

I believe that we know how beneficial chicken soup is when we have a nasty cold. It has anti-inflammatory properties and it helps eliminate mucus and phlegm from our throat, so it alleviates the unpleasant symptoms.

Soup increases vegetable tolerance for children

A  Dutch study has revealed that youngsters who ate vegetable rich soups for seven weeks showed and increased acceptance for eating different kinds of vegetables, unlike their peers who did not eat soup.

Healthy Reasons Why You Should Eat Broccoli

I am so pleased that both my girls readily eat broccoli, which cannot be said for other cruciferous vegetables. I have never had to force them to eat this amazing vegetable, which is such a relief for me.  Broccoli is such a nutritional jewel for many reasons. Let’s just be reminded of the few.

  • Broccoli contains isothiocyanates, substances that prevent cancer.
  • It is high in phytochemicals and antioxidants that cleanse our body from dangerous toxins and fight against health-damaging free radicals.
  • Broccoli promotes our heart health since it strengthens our blood vessels.
  • The powerful antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin protect our eyes and promote good eye health.
  • It is good for digestion and helps keep healthy bacteria in the intestines due to its high fiber content and substances that prevent growth of harmful bacteria in the stomach. Fiber also binds with the bad cholesterol in the blood, so it is easily eliminated from our body.
  • Broccoli has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the isothiocyanates and omega-3 fatty acids that regulate inflammation.
  • It boosts our health due to its content of vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, potassium, and vitamin A.
  • It helps us lose weight since it is low in calories but quite rich in protein.  

How To Make Broccoli-Avocado Soup:

Of all the numerous broccoli soup recipes, I would like to share this one with you, since it does not require a lot of your time and effort and it is very delicious. 


  • 1 head of broccoli
  • 2 Hass avocados
  • 4 ½ cups chicken broth
  • 1 cup of shredded raw cheddar (or you can try parmigiano, gruyere, queso fresco to add different cheese aromas to your soup)
  • Salt and pepper to suit your taste


  1. You need to steam broccoli for up to 5 minutes, let it cool and cut it up in smaller pieces.
  2. Chop avocados and combine them with broccoli and chicken broth.
  3. Blend the ingredients until you reach a desired consistency.
  4. Transfer to a cooking pot and warm the soup over medium heat.
  5. Add grated cheese and stir well.

You can garnish the soup with homemade croutons for even bigger enjoyment.

Here is how to make them:

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Cut a piece of day old French bread into cubes and place them in a big bowl. Drizzle with salt, black pepper and red pepper flakes and with some olive oil. Mix the mixture well.

Spread the cubes onto a baking paper and bake for 15 minutes.

Add them to the soup and enjoy!


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