Delicious Sun Tea – Cuppa For A Raw Foodist !

I’ve never heard of anything called sun tea…but the question is….I love my tea! What are my options on the diet?
Black tea and coffee are a no no on diet because of the caffeine and other unhealthy contents, we know that, but what about herbal tea?

In essence, there is nothing wrong with drinking herbal tea on your diet because:

– benefits of herbs are powerful (even if boiled)
– it does not trigger cravings for cooked food or any other unhealthy addictions
– it does not contain calories, fat or sugar
– if you let it cool before drinking, it will not “boil” the other raw items you might have consumed

On the other hand, if the aim of diet is to only feed your body highly nutritious food and drink, you do not want to over-do it with the tea, because:

– Teas you see in the store may not be of high quality, might have bleach in them, and probably were processed at temperatures above 115 degrees
– Even if you were sure of the quality of the product in your store or collected the herbs yourself, when you boil them, you also boil out a lot of the nutrition
– You could drink other raw beverage instead of your herbal tea and in doing so receive more nutrients into your body.

Which brings us to the next question: What kind of potion is the “Sun Tea”?

It is what many people on the diet drink instead of the “normal” tea. Well, really, it’s more like flavoured water. This beverage is a brainchild of the famous Ann Wigmore and is brewed using the power of the sun. Hence, truly raw…and saves energy too!

Well, it’s simple:

1. Grow and/or collect your own herbs

2. Take a glass jar – you can buy a proper sun tea jar – and put your herbs into it along with any other raw foods you would like to enjoy in your tea – e.g. spices, peel, fruits. You can either use herbs and ingredients fresh or dried at low temperatures (ideally sun-dried). If you are sure about the source of the herbal tea from your shop, feel free to use this also.

3. Close your jar with a tight lid and place it in the sunshine for 5-6 hours.
If it is cloudy outside, just leave it sit on a kitchen counter overnight or so. The taste will not be as strong as if it was brewed by the sun but still tasty and nutritious.

4. Strain and drink your delicious warm beverage. If you’ve made too much you can store it in the fridge and drink the rest of it later (that’s how raw ice tea comes to life!:)).


Easy delicious sun tea recipes

– Use citrus peel (any type or even better, a combination of various citrus fruits) instead of herbs and you’ll end up with delish citrusy miracle!
– add in some fruits for interesting flavours
– mint is divine in sun tea
– put in some spices for an extra kick!
– add in some agave syrup, stevia or honey for extra sweetness

What herbs can I use to make my sun tea?

Any, really. The favs you tend to hear about over and over again are for example mint, fennel, burdock root, milk thistle, anise or slippery elm.

Hot herbal tea or truly raw sun tea, it is your choice, do what suits your body the best!