Denmark Intends To Be The World’s FIRST 100% Organic Nation

Denmark is the leading country when it comes to exporting organic products. Since Bhutan’s announcement about becoming the first country in the world who will go 100% organic, Denmark has no problem keeping up with this country and as a matter of fact, Denmark is on a good way to accomplish this goal even faster than any other country.

Denmark is already the leader on the organic market

It’s no secret that Denmark is one of the most developed countries in Europe, in any sense of the word, however the announcement of Food and Agriculture Minister about transforming Denmark into 100% organic country, didn’t shock or amazed the public, especially if we bear in mind that Denmark’s national organic brand is celebrating almost 25 years of its existence, being the oldest organic brand ever existing for such a long time.

Moreover, you can also add the most developed country regarding organic export to the list, making Denmark the country which has the biggest odds of becoming the 1st organic nation.

How will Denmark accomplish this goal?

Like previously mentioned, Denmark is on the right way to accomplish this goal, especially since they are already leaders in this area. So, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture is planning to increase the organic farming and also incorporate organic food in public institutions as much as possible and therefore expose the majority of people on organic food.

The 67 point plan which the government announced is mainly focusing on the public sector, meaning incorporating organic food in the hospitals, kindergartens as well as public schools’ canteens. This transformation will cost Denmark 53 million euros, which will be all invested in this goal or in increasing the production of organic products. In order to achieve this goal, Denmark intends to:

-increase the demand for organic products by stimulation and focusing on turning all the traditional farmland into an organic one

-promote the organic transition of the nation, by incorporating organic or pesticide-free products in the public sector and the first step is to get all of the institutions interested about this step and tend to incorporate 60% organic food in the public served food.

The first point of this transition will include finances for the farmers who will cultivate and grow organic food and also finances and stimulations for the ones, who are willing to accept the transformation and support the initiative.

For this purpose only, the Government will separate finances for new technologies and ideas on how to accomplish this goal by using biodynamic and organic methods.

Whereas for the second point, the Government is strongly positive about convincing and getting the public sector on their side and making them join the initiative, emphasizing the need of schools and hospitals to be among the first ones who will join this initiative.

What Should Denmark do in the Following years?

In order for Denmark to accomplish this goal, they need to:

  • allocate around 8 million euros in order to boost the usage of organic products in the public institutions
  • allocate around 3.3 million euros for promotion on the domestic market
  • allocating finances for farmers who are transitioning
  • simplifying the organic regulations
  • increasing the organic farming on public lands

Who else is on board so far?

Besides the Government’s plans to turn Denmark into an organic nation, other governmental agencies are also supporting their plan. For instance, The Ministry of the Environment is making an effort to convert lands in their power into organic farms.

The Ministry of Education is offering more educational knowledge regarding organic farming and its health benefits, whereas the Defense Department is already serving more and more organic products in their cafeterias.

How will this reflect on other countries?

Such plans and decisions from countries as Denmark can only reflect positively on other countries. There’s no doubt about the stability and the fast development of Denmark, and this should be a good example for all countries out there to understand the importance and value of this project. Sure, it takes a lot of time and effort, we are talking about transforming a whole nation and their habits.

Hopefully Denmark will successfully finish with what they’ve started and will become a country which will be the first 100% organic nation and will trigger even more countries on board. 


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