Live Raw Formula: Raw Body + Mind + Environment = Raw Life

What’s with the “live raw formula”?

Well, whatever it is called: raw life, raw living, raw lifestyle, raw food lifestyle, raw food living, living foods lifestyle,…the fact is, raw living food diet is nothing like the other fad diets out there because it is a lifestyle!The most important part of eating raw food is to be holistic about it. Your relationship with food is a direct reflection of your relationship with yourself and your life.

Hence, transitioning to a plant-based raw living foods diet is a lifestyle change. Yes, of course, you must start with correction of unhealthy eating habits. But health does not stop with what you add to your diet and what you eliminate. It would be foolish to simply focus on one aspect of life. Not just eat raw, live raw.
For optimal health we must take into account our:
– body
– mind and spirit
– environment

Your raw food health is just as strong as your weakest link – work on them all so they can walk hand in hand to your bright raw food lifestyle future.

Here are 20 live-raw pointers that come in handy in keeping your body running on a full battery on the raw food diet:

1. Drink up
Keep your body hydrated, you are 70% water, afterall! Drink things compatible with your raw food diet – e.g. pure water, coconut water, sun tea, kombucha, smoothies.
And I can’t stress this enough – get into juicing!
Drink raw, live raw!

2. Detoxify
Do a proper clean-up of your insides – detox and/or juice feast regularly (at least once a year but ideally every 4 or 6 months). One day a week that you solely feed your body fresh juice is also a good idea.

3. Clean your colon
The colon is one of the most important organs of the body in terms of waste removal and the elimination of toxins so important to take proper care of it. Regular enemas and colon hydrotherapy  are the way to go.

4. Dry-brush your skin
Brush your skin with a natural brush and get rid of dead skin cells, kick start the lymph system and boost your circulation.Start brushing from your feet up to the knees and hips, then from your palms up to elbows and shoulders; and clockwise on your tummy at the end. You can gently brush your face also.

5. Get moving
Exercise is a vital component of any raw food diet. Help your body to live raw and detoxify by taking up exercise in some shape or form. Favourite raw foodist sports include (but are not limited to!):Yoga, Thai Chi, Ching gong, Rebounding, Walking, Hiking, Jogging, Swimming, Dancing, Cycling. Have fun!

6. Ditch the stress
Stress takes an enormous amount of your energy pool and releases toxic chemicals into your system. If you are serious about your health you will sooner or later have to start eliminating stressful situations from your life. You body cannot thrive and live raw to its full potential unless your mind is emotional stable, in harmony and your spirit in peace, tranquillity.

7. Put your feet up
Only when your body and mind are totally relaxed can your system focus on its cleansing and healing.So learn how to relax in order to live raw successfully. Try meditation or reiki for truly deep relaxation (“theta waves”) and some music, sounds and meditations that support your day-to-day relaxation and performance (“alpha waves”).

8. Sleep
In sleep, your body and brain are in the deepest state of relaxation possible. That is why the sleep is so restorative and vital for your body.

9. Clean your house
You’ve been there. You do your detox and all of a sudden there is the urge clear up your apartment, office desk, wardrobe, garden….everything! This is because how you live is an extension of yourself. So…look around? Anything needs to be cleaned?