Does the Keto Diet Really Work?


The ketogenic or keto diet has definitely made its mark in the world of weight loss solutions. Millions of people worldwide have lost countless pounds of body fat and improved their overall health by adopting this high-fat, low-carb way of living. At least, that’s what they say.

People are divided as to whether or not the keto diet actually works. Many users praise its effectiveness at weight loss and disease management, while others scoff at what they believe is just another fad diet. In a day and age like ours, where weight loss gimmicks, pills and supplements saturate an overwhelming market, it can be hard to pick through what’s fake and what’s a real weight loss solution.

Now, let’s keep in mind that the keto diet has actually been recommended by numerous associations, including the Epilepsy Foundation, to assist some disease sufferers in alleviating their symptoms. Keto dieting has been linked to improvements in many health conditions, from epilepsy to high blood sugar, in addition to weight loss. In fact, the keto diet was originally fine-tuned for epilepsy patients in the 1920s.

Only recently has it become the centerpiece of a weight loss discussion.

How can Upping your Fat Intake Make You Lose Weight?

The point behind the ketogenic diet is that your body will begin to burn fat, or ketones that are produced by the liver from fat, instead of carbohydrates for energy. This diet focuses on significant carb reduction and even elimination from one’s diet as a means of forcing the body into a state of ketosis-where ketones are consumed for energy rather than the glucose from carbohydrates.

All of the fat that you’ll be taking in on this diet means that you’ll also be less inclined to absentmindedly snack, as it will help in keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

The Jury’s Out on the Ketogenic Diet

Many health professionals like nutritionist and registered dietitian Keri Glassman say that the diet is junk if you’re trying to lose weight in the healthiest way possible. She also points to the lack of essential nutrients like fiber in the diet, which will make the addition of vitamin supplements a necessity. “For safe and effective weight loss, the carb reduction is too extreme,” she told

Conversely, this study cites the ketogenic diet as a great way to treat the numerous ailments associated with obesity over the course of 24 weeks.

There are a lot of opinions out there, such as the ones on and others, where keto dieting is concerned. While some perceive it as too extreme and restrictive, others see it as superior to and less restrictive than other diets that have come to popularity.

Yes, you will likely lose weight on the keto diet. The issue lies in deciding whether or not that’s a healthy way for you to shed those extra pounds. Keto is a serious commitment, even though it is not intended as a long-term diet change, and requires a great deal of tracking and basic math to follow to the letter.

Whenever you are debating whether or not a new diet plan is right for you, it’s advised that you see your own physician to get their input before you dedicate yourself to that new lifestyle.

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