This Is Why The Amish Don’t Get Cancer!

Can you recall when you last saw a woman wearing old-fashioned clothes and looking utterly historical to you? Most Amish people look like they had come from the past. They are “at odds” with modern technology, live life simply and moderately.

What is the most interesting is that being somehow isolated has made them immune to many diseases and vices of the modern time.

The Amish are well-known for their distinct lifestyle riding in buggies and quietly existing in their own little society. As a closed group, they are often thought to attract many diseases, but in fact, it is quite the opposite.

A research team from Ohio University has proven that the Amish rarely get sick and their cancer rates are extremely low. If you were like me, you would be startled at this information, as we know that closed groups that intermingle are more likely to get the cancer gene or develop contagious diseases.

How is this group of people living in America free of the most dreadful illness in the world? Ohio researchers have shared their astonishing research about Amish community and how they started from studying the Amish lifestyle and ended up with a huge discovery for the whole world.

How do they do it?

First, we have to think about what are the worst enemies of the cancer. Some of these include: smoking, greasy food, alcohol, and stress. Logically, if you are involved with any of these, you are likely to develop cancer throughout your life. Not surprisingly, the Amish would not do most of the above mentioned activities.

Their lifestyle is very different from the average American and it isn’t just old-fashioned clothing and no technology whatsoever, as many of us think. Some of their lifestyle characteristics are religion-driven, such as the Christian beliefs of a simple and moderate life. This way of living makes for a healthy and disease-free life for the Amish.

The journal Cancer Causes and Control published a study where it was stated that the Amish popularity has basically no chance of getting cancer, as there are significantly low number of cases. Moreover, the Amish are proven to be one of the healthiest among American people.

The story behind the study happened at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, where Dr. Judith Westman examined the research. Dr. Westman conducted an 8-year long study in Ohio (1996-2003) involving 24 cancer types within the community of the Amish people.

The results were astonishing. She discovered that cancer rates were 40% lower than the rest of the population in Ohio.

Here are a few reasons why the Amish skip cancer so often:

  1. The Amish eat home-grown, organic food

The Amish people don’t buy processed, but grow their own food by using heirloom seeds, instead of the GMO seeds. Additionally, they raise their own animals and consume the meat and the dairy products without any hormones or antibiotics added.

They eat organic seasonal fruits and vegetables during the harvest and consume the rest fermented or canned in the other seasons. By consuming this organic seasonal fruits and veggies, they fill themselves with antioxidants and this acts as prevention from getting any disease.

  1. The Amish don’t get vaccinated

While many parents are still hesitating whether to get their kids vaccinated or not, the Amish are persistent in not doing it, against the government’s advice. Interestingly enough, the Amish rarely get autism or any disabilities.

In all Amish history, there are only 3 cases of autism found in children who got vaccinated. However, people believe this connection to not getting autism and not being vaccinated is just due to their superior gene.

  1. The Amish are physically active

As you are well aware of, they don’t use any cars so this requires a lot of physical strength. There are rarely any obese Amish people (3%, to be exact), compared to the 31% obese American people overall.

These people are amazing walkers and rarely suffer from cardiovascular diseases. It might seem surprisingly, but they are in a far better shape than most Americans. Being constantly on the move, they prove to preserve the tradition of healthy and fit bodies of their ancestors. Thus, cancer is still far away on their list.

  1. The Amish eat a lot of healthy fats

Did you think your low-fat diet provides you all the sources to have a healthy body? Although this is the opinion of the population majority, the Amish would say it is far from the truth.

The truth about their healthy looks is particularly in their diet. They consume a lot of eggs, raw dairy, meat, and butter. All of these contain vitamins A, K2, and E. K2 is the main vitamin which is absent from the modern people’s diet. This insufficiency causes many diseases such as osteoporosis or cancer and deprives people of the necessary nutrients. In this way, the Amish stay healthy and packed with nutrients.

  1. The Amish lead a humble, moderate, and a life with no stress

The major issue of the modern world is coping with stress on a daily basis. Stress, combined with alcohol or drugs brings premature death because of getting cancer. What do the Amish get from this way of living?

They rarely consume alcohol or any kind of medication, but instead they rely on traditional medicine first. Interestingly enough, they rarely even visit hospitals and yet, disease rate is low among them. Moreover, their lifestyle is unique. Living in harmony, they constantly help and cooperate with each other. No stress means no diseases or cancer.


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4 years ago

This article is full of bs. I live among the Amish and let me tell you…they do not have super powers that protect them from sickness. I have Amish friends and neighbors. They are normal people. The only reason why you dont see any of it is because they are very private and take care of their own.