How To Easily Grow Green Bell Pepper Plants

Green bell peppers are an excellent source for the winter because you can keep them frozen, but they also spice up summer dishes with their particulate color. Nowadays, growing them is not a philosophy. As a matter of fact, you need a lot of sun, a garden or just your own cozy apartment to let these green veggies thrive.

Just a few green pepper plants can give you great amounts of produce. Beware of the temperature where they grow and all of the rest is just simple practice! Here are some useful tips you can look at to get things started should you decide to enrich your beautiful garden with yet another organic vegetable.

How to plant green bell pepper seeds

When the conditions are excellent, you should plant green bell peppers outdoors. This means that you should start in the warm season, because green bell peppers love high temperatures. If the weather is a bit cold or just chilly, but no plant can survive outside, you still have an excellent solution.

You can start your green pepper seeds in your apartment or house. Bear in mind that if you decide to plant the seeds indoors, you need to do it at least 6-8 weeks before the final frost.

This is so because frost can kill the plants or you will be left with only plants and no produce. Therefore, keep frost away if you want a successful bell pepper seed.

In order to plant seeds, provide moist and warm soil and use a regular seed starting system. If you decide to plant them indoors, make sure you have a nice sunny window as a spot for the bell peppers plant.

They will thrive in these types of conditions until the time comes for you to transplant them, when it gets warmer. What you need to do next is plant the seeds, once you’ve prepared the soil as well.

Plant at least 2 or 3 in a pot, because as they grow, you will easily thin the weaker ones out. This will happen in the following weeks.

Another idea is for you to grow the seeds in containers, if you feel like you don’t have the space. Prepare large-sized containers and plant one or two per container.

If you need help in making the plant grow upward, try using a tomato cage or stake. It is also excellent to give your plant some support.

How to transplant the seedlings

Whenever you are ready, you can start transplanting your seeds. There are some basic conditions so that you have a successful mission. First, the temperature outdoors must be 70 degrees or even warmer.

Another important thing to remember is to place the seedlings 18-24 inches apart in one row. This is so because they need room for stretching and they also need to protect each other from the hot sun.

Next, choose an area that has full sun coverage and where the soil is well drained and nutrient rich. Some gardeners tend to use match sticks while planting green bell peppers. It seems that green peppers like the sulphur content in these sticks. For better growth, you can drop a few sticks into the hole right before you add the seedlings.

How do you need to take care of the seedlings?

Watering: green bell pepper plants require 2 inches of water weekly. Apart from the amount of water, the manner or watering also matters. You need to always water the plants at the base so that the foliage doesn’t get ruined.

Fertilize: It is best if you also use a liquid fertilizer. Try it after a 2-week period of the establishment of the plants.

Remove the weeds: It is always best to keep weeds away from your plant. There is one efficient way to achieve it – use a thick layer of mulch. Also, remove weeds whenever you see them around your plant.

Keep your plant away from pests: They are not the biggest enemies of green bell peppers, but sometimes aphids and beetles may show up. Try to just pick them off or use a good pest repellent for that purpose.

Establish support: using a tomato cage or stakes can do great help for your weighing plant.

How to harvest green bell peppers

These kinds of peppers love to grow big and sweet. They will become sweeter after you’ve left them for a long time on the plant. In this way, they also gain a higher nutritional value. When you are satisfied with their size, use a sharp knife to remove them. Cut them off by leaving 1 or 2 inches of stem. You can use them immediately or refrigerate up to 10 days.

Enjoy your own green bell peppers and take good care of the plants!



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