Here Is What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Ginger Every Day

How many times have you been saved from the terrible cold you had by this simple yellow plant? People adore using it to treat their cold. It is natural, safe and delicious!

I remember all my colds as days I enjoyed putting ginger in everything. You can do the same – put it in your soup, in your tea or just mix it with honey and lemon and enjoy your day without any worries that your cold will get worse. This is just the beginning of the ginger journey we are about to explore together.

Ginger, a flowering plant originating from China, is the most exclusive treatment you can imagine for your body. Biologically, it belongs to the Zingiberaceae family, and it is very similar to cardomon, galangal and turmeric.

Ginger can be used fresh, powdered, dried, as a juice or oil, and it is often put in cosmetic products or processed foods. Not only that, but it also goes as the “secret ingredient” for many recipes that taste delicious.

The ginger root is used as a spice and is originating from the underground part of the ginger’s stem (the rhizome). People who adore ginger are the ones who love its flavor and fragrance.

These come from the natural oils it contains. One of the most important oils is the bioactive gingerol. Gingerol is the main reason for all of the ginger’s health benefits because it acts as an antioxidant and in an anti-inflammatory way.

Ginger has been used in alternative as well as traditional medicine for various health conditions.

We will try to squeeze some of the most notable benefits of consuming ginger supported by scientific research. These will fill your body with nutrients and will also nourish your brain.


  1. Ginger can treat nausea, morning, and motion sickness

Research says that 200mg of ginger in the form of tablets every four hours helps pregnant women in their first months of pregnancy. There is a review of 12 studies including 1,278 pregnant women which reveals that by taking 1.1-1.5 grams of ginger the women reduced the nausea symptoms they had. Ginger, however, was not helping in the vomiting part.

Pregnant women should ask for advice from their doctors before taking any type of ginger. Ginger also helps in stopping motion sickness, especially sea sickness. Studies show how ginger beats OTC medications such as Dramamine and it wipes out all of the symptoms such as dizziness, cold sweats, or feeling nauseous.Ginger can also relieve nausea or vomiting after surgeries or during chemotherapy with patients with cancer.

  1. Ginger can reduce soreness and muscle pain

When we work out too much, our muscles may get tired and sore, but ginger will help our body recover. One study shows that people previously performing elbow exercises, who consumed 2 grams of ginger per day the 11 days following the exercises, reduced muscles pain. This is a proof that ginger may work gradually, and you need to be patient and consistent.

  1. Ginger is anti-inflammatory

People in our community often suffer from arthritis, which is an inflammation-based disease growing in number every year. Ginger can help patients by relieving the pain. Osteoarthritis is very common and it acts in a way that it involves degeneration of the joints, causes joint stiffness and pain.

Ginger intake in these patients makes for less pain, less muscle swelling and fewer medications as well, a study of 247 people showed.

These people were dealing with osteoarthritis of the knee and took ginger extracts. In conclusion, ginger is said to help patients suffering from cell-inflammation diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc.

There are studies that prove ginger working as a brain enhancer as well as protector of age-related decline linked to Alzheimer’s, especially in elderly women.

  1. Ginger may prevent cancer

When there is unwilling cell-growth abnormality in the body, it usually causes different types of cancer. Extracts of ginger are being used to treat different types of cancer nowadays and it is all thanks to the 6-gignerol found in raw ginger.

Researchers at the UMCCC – University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center recently found that ginger can destroy ovarian cancer cells even faster than chemotherapy drugs. Patients who consume ginger rhizomes also have a lower risk of developing colon cancer.

  1. Ginger can treat chronic indigestion

The pain and discomfort you feel in the upper part of your stomach is easily stopped by ginger, which speeds up the emptying of the stomach. One study conducted with 24 people showed that taking 1.2 grams of ginger before eating speeded up the process of emptying the stomach by 50%. For this discomfort you can also boil ginger and put honey in it.

  1. Ginger can lower blood sugars and improve heart disease risk factors

Patients with type 2 diabetes can look on the bright side of their future lives because in a new study done in 2015, 41 participants lowered their blood sugar by 12% just by consuming 2 grams of ginger powder daily.

It not only lowered fasting blood sugar, but it also improved the marker for long-term blood sugar levels (HbA1c) by 10% in a period of 12 weeks.

These results are a proof that ginger also has a big impact on weight loss/gain and in terms of how energetic we feel throughout the day. In this study, there was a 28% reduction in the ApoB/ApoA-I ratio and a 23% reduction in oxidized lipoproteins markers, which are considered risk factors for heart disease.

  1. Ginger is a natural pain reliever

Ginger is believed to work as effectively as ibuprofen and mefenamic if women take it in powder of 1 gram daily in their first 3 days of their menstrual period. This was proven by a study of 150 women participating.

There is also one recipe that helps with headaches: add 1 tbs. of cayenne pepper and 1 tbs. of dried peppermint in boiling water. Add sliced ginger and simmer for 5 min. This also works with migraines.

For your toothache, simply rub raw ginger on your gums or boil water with ginger to use it as a cold mouthwash and the pain will disappear.

Some other health benefits of consuming ginger on a daily basis are the following:

It is a helper in nutrients absorption;

– It increases sexual drive for both sexes;

– It can relieve gas if you take ginger tea regularly before you go to bed;

– It improves your breath: you can also use it as mouthwash.