This $2,000 Home Idea Could Save You Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars


Economic crisis has hit many pockets and made people regretful for entering the risks of purchasing own home! However, it is exactly in the times of economic crises, that people start becoming more inventive and thriftier – they are more prone to finding extremely creative and cozy ways of arranging own homes for almost no money at all!

Here are some ideas of how you can perhaps find alternative ways of modern living or how you can purchase or even build your little cozy weekend house with a lake view!


Traditional Housing  vs.  Cheaper Alternative Housing

Majority of people tend to fall into the trap of having a house with a white picket fence and “living happily ever after” without really digging deeper into the reality of buying a house. In practice, many couples are carried away by having to finish their studies, paying off their study loans, getting married (with a fairy tale wedding) and then logically buying a house of their own to raise their kids in.

Then comes the hardest part –  following the bank procedures, applying for a mortgage and finding the most profitable ways of purchasing own home. Traditional housing of course has its advantages as it might offer more comfortable and spacious living conditions – however, it is usually extremely expensive too! So, some people will rather go for more economic yet functional spaces.

Living small does not exclude living comfortably. Being close to the nature is one of the preconditions for smart and comfortable modern living trends.


Some Examples of Cheap & Alternative Housing Ideas!

Whether being simply frugal or searching for alternative and more adventurous living trends, you can explore extremely interesting ways of arranging your future housing life style. Here are some examples of alternative houses as potential money savers:

  • Beach huts
  • Boat houses
  • Bus converted houses
  • Cabin houses
  • Cob houses
  • Container houses
  • Prefab houses
  • Tent houses called yurts
  • Trailer houses
  • Tree houses
  • Wagon houses called vardos

Moreover, architecture experts experiment with various types of alternative housing and are trying to design small, functional and less costly houses that might range from 1000 – 6000 USD – for example, the IKEA Foundation has taken upon such an experimental challenge and is building small houses for families in need. Such cheap but functional houses even have a solar panel for renewable energy solutions.

Another interesting experiment for cheap and functional housing is an L-shaped house that can be built into smaller home clusters – the alternative house design was a challenge for a group of Chinese students who had the task of producing an economic house, yet functional for a family. The students looked beyond the usual conventional housing. In order to remain cost effective, they reached for the safe, locally produced materials.

Creating the best solutions for natural light, proper ventilation and a functional heating system were naturally a part of the design criteria. Building any house will of course depend on the region and the climate so the materials used might be more or less expensive (light weight construction house in tropical climate could start from the price range of 1000 USD but could cost more elsewhere).


Why You Should Have Your Dream Cozy House?!

If you are a nature connoisseur dreaming of a small weekend house, or you are simply trying to make future plans for your retirement days, then take a look of several inspirational ideas of why you should purchase a small piece of land and install a (container) house on your new property:

Your new house design is flexible!

One of the advantages of your new bungalow house would be that it is easy to expand and build additional rooms, if necessary. You can always add extra space if your finances will allow it or there is a need for a family extension.

Your new house has lower heating costs!

If properly insulated, a container or a bungalow house should have lower heating costs. As there is only one floor to heat or to cool it automatically means lower energy requirements. Moreover, if you install large glass windows, then the sun energy will offer additional heat for your cozy little home.

Your new house is more accessible!

As you will have no stairs to walk up and down, your bedrooms will be easier accessible to your family members. This is especially convenient for people who have some health issues (joints, leg problems etc.). On the other hand, if you love to be close to the nature and enjoy open spaces, then you will surely appreciate all the conveniences of your bungalow.

Your new house offers open space feeling!

If you use huge glass windows, you can create an open space feeling as the boundary between inside and outside is gone! At any time you will feel connected to your garden and to the nature. You can easily enjoy the sunset in your garden, especially if you also have a great lake view! Additionally, you will have much natural light entering your living space which will eventually make you feel happy and positive.

Your new house offers extra privacy!

If you opt for a container house or a bungalow set on a piece of land somewhere deep in the nature, you will surely have extra privacy in your garden. And if you put some high shrubs or trees you can create additional privacy, isolate the wind blowing (that might be disadvantage of living in a shipping container!)  but also create a beautiful view for yourself!

What You Should Check Before Purchasing Your New Container Home?

Before you make a final decision on your new trendy home check and do the following:

  • Where to purchase a container (online or better to have a look at in directly)
  • Container size and if suitable for your property size
  • Laws on purchasing property and placing container homes accordingly
  • Wind and sun conditions (for example, make sure it is not an area with too much wind, it might create too much noise!)
  • Purchase proper plants and trees for garden decoration and for extra privacy

For the reasons given above, the container or bungalow houses might be a future trend in architecture design – so why not live like a king of your castle enjoying a perfect garden view in your new dream home?!

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