Everything About Bonded House Cleaning


If you haven’t heard of bonded house cleaning, it is one of the ways professional cleaners ensure that both its employees and customers are insured against any accidents-at-work and other damages.

Today, a lot of people looking for house cleaning companies look for ones with bonded services, as it ensures that professionals will not only protect your home against any visible damages but against theft as well.

There are several types of bonds and insurance available with the house cleaning companies, and the more option they have, the better is their credibility. You can find such credible ones online as well, Kings of Maid cleaning services is one of the leading ones in this area.

The difference between a licensed and bonded house cleaning company is the recognition of a co. with a license. In several states of the U.S, professional cleaning companies require a legal license to carry on their business. It makes the customers feel safe that nothing is going to happen to their possessions while they are away.

Not only this, but if a customer or a employee of the cleaning company gets hurt in the process of cleaning, the insurance works as a protection. All medical bills are taken care of in such scenarios. This licensing of cleaning companies can vary from one state to another, as per the labour laws and other company’s regulations. So, if you’re planning to hire a professional cleaning company for your home, make sure they are experienced enough in maintaining the proper work license.

There are two types of bonded house cleaning contracts. One if the Surety Bonding and the other is Fidelity Insurance. The former is in a form notice, which states that in case the professional home cleaners aren’t able to finish their job, the company will make arrangements for another cleaning company.

Thus, giving a surety to the customers that their job will be done. It is mostly exercised in case of huge jobs, like cleaning a warehouse, a factory or a store, but also comes in handy when the customers own sprawling living space like mansions. The other type of bonding is associated with employees of the cleaning company.

In case the hired worker is dishonest with his/her work or is involved with theft or damage to the property, the Fidelity Bonding is applied. The cleaning company, in such scenarios, will pay for the entire loss the customer had to face.

So, what exactly is the importance of hiring a bonded house cleaning company? There are number of reasons for it. With insurance guarantee, you’re assured that no negative incidents like theft, accidents or damages would take place. According to some studies, about 40% of the cases of theft in U.S homes happen due to hiring of home services like cleaning, electrical maintenance etc.

With a bonded cleaning company, you’ll know that its owner understands the laws of the area and will abide by it. Having a bonded sign associated with a cleaning company helps it maintain positive image in the market, thus, welcoming more potential customers.

This also signifies that customers can easily vest the responsibilities of leaving their home and possessions with them.

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