Exercise: Mind, Body and Soul

We live a fast-paced live. We endure, rather than enjoy. There is a definite fragility about our well-being because of the pressures we find ourselves under together with our own life choices. Indeed our lifestyles are becoming more and more detrimental both to our physical and mental health.

But the good news is that you can do something about it. That something is exercise. The benefits of exercise go well beyond getting a “beach body”, or losing weight. Exercise can benefit every one of us and moreover we can all do it – View More about flexible gym membership here. Let’s examine why you too should start exercising today for your mind, body and soul….

That barrage of endless data, the umbilical attachment to our mobile phones, and sensory overload is everywhere and we all suffer because of it.

Exercise however helps reduce stress. It reduces endorphins which are a great mood regulator, and more often than not when exercising, we do it without looking at our phones.
Our moods improve after exercise, and strangely, it is proven that fatigue is reduced when we undertake regular exercise. We also become more alert and able to concentrate better, thus improving our functionality in life.

Exercise also increases energy levels, though perhaps not straight after a long run! But the heart pumping blood faster through the body increases our levels of performance.

Hard work is also good for the health of the heart, reducing the risks of cardiovascular problems. Our blood pressure drops to a healthy range and we also reduce the change of developing Type II Diabetes, cancer, depression and skeletal problems.

We gain strength and muscle tone through exercise and reduce our body fat stores, improving our physique too.

You’ll feel happier after exercise, and not just because it’s over! Your improved body image will also benefit your feeling of self-worth. Finally, all that exercise should ensure that you will sleep better, and many people struggle to sleep properly nowadays.

You’ll need about 150 minutes per week, split over at least 3 sessions. However, any is better than none, and we all have to start somewhere. Doing too much too soon will put you off, and you’ll undoubtedly quit. Set attainable goals, and once achieved, move them forward to ensure that you are always challenging yourself and improving your levels of fitness. Document your journey using selfies to show the true change of body shape, and also clothes – how they fit and whether they fit will be a great indicator of your development. A diary will help you record your journey, and can be used as a source for future inspiration when needed.

Having seen the true benefits of exercise, you’ll wonder why you haven’t started sooner. It truly is holistic in how it benefits you. You’ll become physically fitter and more confident, mentally sharper, and more at peace with yourself as a person.

No matter your starting point, every effort is a step forward. Concentrate on the reasons for doing it, not the difficulty of the exercise. Compliment your exercise programme with a new and healthier approach to food too, and before long you’ll be looking back and smiling to yourself about how far you have come. Good luck.

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