How To Fight Chronic Fatigue With Healthy Foods!

Feeling tired is a protective mechanism against a nervous breakdown and also a signal that something should be changed in our lifestyle.

Fast lifestyle in the 21 century makes people very prone to fatigue. If it’s repeated – it’s getting accumulated. Chronic fatigue syndrome is already accepted in medicine as diagnose and it’s NOT something irrelevant. It can be defined as a subjective feeling of lack of energy for everyday activities.

If it has 6 months duration period, it is most likely because of the lifestyle with a lot of stress, lack of physical activity and great mental stress. We feel like we are doing so much for the others, but not enough for ourselves – we are becoming too tired by giving our maximum at work or at home.

It is much more likely to happen and it is more accented in cosmopolitan areas, because of traffic jams and problems, people living in crowded areas, where even a parking space is a problem, long lines in banks, spending a lot of time indoors – without enough sun and fresh air, and also crowded due to limited space.


We diagnose chronic fatigue when we are not capable to do our own everyday activities, when the feeling tired becomes so exhausting for us – so the only thing we can do is to lay down or minimize the activities – and we want to do them alone, while a crowd of people is irritating us. The important part for chronic diagnose is set when we exclude other common diseases that can have these symptoms:

  • Anemia
  • Diabetes
  • Depression

The doctors have a key role in diagnosing it, if there is an organic problem – when fatigue is still ONLY a symptom.

Which Are The Most Common Reactions?

People try to cope in different ways: some are visiting different clinics for ages, starting from a family doctor to a specialist, some take pills, others consume high caloric food (mostly sweets), or go to the gym, fitness training or do some other relaxing techniques (yoga, meditation etc.). If it isn’t detected on time, chronic fatigue can cause serious disorders in the blood and nerve system.


When we are dealing with chronic fatigue, we need to improve our nutrition, as a first task toward detoxification of the body. At the very start, increase the amount of water intake, stop drinking soda, reduce your caffeine intake, reduce or just cut out alcohol intake, increase the intake of fish, grains, fresh fruit and veggies, nuts and seeds, avoid meats, canned and refined carbohydrates.

Absolutely MUST quit cigarettes and don’t consume a lot of black coffee. Medicines should not be taken without consulting your doctor first. You must improve the intake of vitamins, because they are the first thing that people with chronic disease start losing (vitamins from B complex, C vitamin and minerals, such as Mg, Ca, Zn and Fe).

Dr. Steven Pratt, ophthalmologist from California wrote a book called “Super food: 14 foods that will change your life”, in which he claims that some foods have a preventive impact on the human organism. Looking at the eye bottom, he made a suggestion that the whole body is connected, so if the heart is healthy, then the eyes or the skin will be healthy as well.

Those 14 foods are: broccoli, blueberry, pumpkins, green tea, beans, yogurt, salmon, oranges, walnuts, turkey, crabs, soybean and spinach. As this author claims, there are no rules in consuming these 14 foods (when and how to consume them), the point is to consume them as much as possible.

The Bio active part in them has a positive impact and can slow down, and at minor cases even stop the development of diabetes, high blood pressure, some cancers, Alzheimer’s disease etc.

Patients with chronic fatigue, have to choose the fastest and most natural way of returning their vital functions of the body with foods that predominantly contains carbohydrates, proteins and fats in their optimal proportion, and vitamins and minerals as well.

This type of food is wheat germ which is called food and medicine. Their nickname is “champions of health”. Wheat germ has organic phosphate that helps those who has lack of strength and bad health in general. Besides that, it has plenty of Ca, Mg and vitamin B (especially B1) which renews the vessel systems.

It’s recommended for children, pregnant women, athletes and elderly people who have declassification and demineralization of the bones. For example, 100 grams of wheat germs have 5 times more Ca and 12 times more P from equal quantities of white bread.

Wheat germs alone or with some fruits (1 table spoon. 2 times a day, taken from 11 to 17 hours) “erase” fatigue and brings the energy back into the body. Duration process of the treatment is 3 weeks, and it’s recommended to do this treatment 4 times a year, when seasons are changing, to successfully fight fatigue and exhaustion and for rising vital energy of the body.