Find Out What Should Your Average Testosterone Levels Be at A Certain Age, and What to Do If the Results Fall Behind!

Testosterone, the most important male hormone plays a crucial role in the progress of the male reproductive tissues such are the testis and the prostate, but its other secondary characteristic is connected with men’s health including muscle mass, bones, hair etc.

 It is of vital importance for the men to put efforts in order to maintain the production of this hormone in a most natural way that requires proper sleep, nutrition and physical exercises, because as the ages go by, this chemical process of producing testosterone naturally, slows down. This process usually starts after the age of thirty and the body ability to produce testosterone slows down each following year for up to 2 percent.

This decrease in the testosterone levels at the beginning of its reduction seems not to be much, however, the final results after couple of years disregarding this issue, may rise to 20 percent of reduction, what represents a serious deficiency which mustn’t go untreated.

Free testosterone vs. Total testosterone

The free testosterone levels in a man’s body drop faster than the total testosterone levels in the body. Under the term free testosterone is meant the testosterone which is not bound in the blood flow to sex hormone-binding globulin. When a comparison is made, the results have shown that the free testosterone is reduced 50% in the men’s body at the age from 25 to 75, unlike the total testosterone level that is reduced up to 30% in men’s body, from 25-75 years.

Normal Testosterone Levels in Men’s bodies

The medical scientists have widely accepted that the normal total testosterone levels in men is from 300 ng/dL to 1050 ng/dL, but yet the medical scientist haven’t come with a specific answer about what should be the normal amount of testosterone in men’s bodies.

From here, we can say that a man whose blood results have shown 300ng/dL testosterone level is dealing with low T. Also, many factors should be taken into consideration when making a diagnose – a check routine which is a must when visiting a hormone replacement doctor in order to prescribe an accurate treatment for that specific individual.

A normal T level in men’s bodies must be maintained for the sake of many essential functions such are health, well-being and sexual performance.

What are the average testosterone levels in men at a specific age?

Some studies have shown that men over sixty are often found to have total testosterone levels under 241, which could explain the many changes they are experiencing.

The testosterone levels in men’s bodies dictate how the men who are testosterone deficient feel, reason, looks. Below, you can find more information gained from medical researches about the average testosterone levels in men, in different age groups. Every hormone replacement specialist would use these numbers as simple guidelines in their efforts to assess the patients’ issues with testosterone.  At the age of thirty, forty, fifty, sixty and over, men have the following amounts of testosterone levels in their bodies:

  • At the age of 30 and up,

Free: 8.7 – 25.1 pg/mL (picogram/milliliter)

Total: 219 – 1009 ng/dL  Normal 600 – 675 ng/dL 


  • At the age of 40 and up:

Free: 6.8 – 21.5 pg/mL

Total: 201 – 993 ng/dL  Normal 500 – 550 ng/dL,

  • At the age of 50 and up:

Free: 7.2 – 24.0 pg/mL

Total: 170 – 918 ng/dL  Normal 400 – 450 ng/dL

  • At the age of 60 and up:

Free: 6.6 – 18.1 pg/mL

Total: 156 – 700 ng/dL  Normal 300 – 350 ng/dL 

When it comes to the last age group, i.e. sixty and over, we can notice that in these men, the total testosterone levels in men are usually very low, under 241.This explains the changes they undergo in their middle ages.

Generally, even though there are normal testosterone values set among the medical scientists, the testosterone levels vary by age. But by proper check at a specialist in hormone replacement you will get an accurate diagnose and treatment with bioidentical testosterone treatment which will improve your way of living.

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