This Is First Certified Organic Fast Food Restaurant To Open In The U.S.

Take away that is fast food restaurants are ill-famed because they serve food laden with chemicals, unhealthy ingredients, so reasonably many health food eaters tend to stay away from them.

But one newly-opened fast food restaurant stars to rise up against these stereotyped eating places by only serving all-organic food and luncheons to its visitors and guests.

The restaurant The Organic Coup recently opened in Pleasanton, California.

On the delicious menu of this strictly organic food restaurant is the Coup signature sandwich – an organic chicken breast fried in organic coconut oil with spicy shredded organic veggies, toasted on an organic artisan bun.

NOTE WELL: Coup signature sandwich can be devoured for under $10!

The restaurant opening hours are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Ms. Erica Welton, the founder of The Organic Coup, has a passion for changing American social eating habits and a strong desire to bring a new craze about fast food.

She was a former buyer for Costco and introduced the corporation to buying organic chicken. During her time spent working for Costco food supplier, Ms. Welton was able to take a closer look at the consumers’ eating addictions and she noticed that the consumption of organic foods was on the steady rise.

Grasping that there was a growing demand for all organic options, she left her job at Costco and began pursuing her dream: running an all-organic fast food restaurant.

Welton has already started her business in the right direction by paying all of the restaurant’s employees at least $14 an hour.

She plans to continue to redefine, not only what is known as fast food, but also how fast food workers are treated in their jobs!

So it is no wonder at all why THE ORGANIC COUP has become THE FIRST USDA-CERTIFIED ORGANIC FAST FOOD RESTAURANT in the country.


Credit: The Organic Coup

For the time being, the restaurant offers only 3 main menu items and they all feature their signature, organic chicken breast fried in organic coconut oil.

The Organic Coup also offers an organic coup of caramel-coated popcorn drizzled with chocolate. The ambitious Welton plans to place her focus on perfecting the taste of the items offered on the menu instead of adding more options. Quality ahead of quantity that is!

Suitably located on Hopyard Road, this is the first location for The Organic Coup, but up to 25 more eating sites are planned to be opened by next year in the Bay Area. Quite soon, Welton also plans to expand her business to more organic-friendly markets in Denver, Seattle, Portland, and Manhattan.

We all must agree that this is a great step toward establishing organic fast food nooks instead of the old ones.

If more chain restaurants follow this dining suit and go organic, people of all different backgrounds will have easier access to good, nutritious organic food.

In the long run, this will improve the overall health of people who are known to frequently eat at fast food franchises. It will also change the conditions for those who work in the chain food industry for the better!



Credit: The Organic Coup